Ed O’Neill BJJ: How Good Is The Actor Really At Jiu Jitsu?

Ed O'Neill BJJ

Ed O’Neill is a well known actor from series such as Married with Children. (Al Bundy) and Modern Family (Jay Prichett), and he also trains Brazilian jiu jitsu. Ed O’Neill is a BJJ black belt under 

Full NameEdward Leonard O’Neill
Birth DateApril 12, 1946
Birth PlaceYoungstown, Ohio, U.S.
Series and moviesMarried with children, Modern family
BJJ belt rankBlack belt
BJJ coachRorion Gracie
Other sports experienceProfessional football (Pittsburgh Steelers)

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Ed O’Neill Career

Ed O’Neill is an actor whois best known for starring as Al Bundy in Married with Children. More recently he played Jay Prichett in Modern Family. He played in a number of other series and movies, without any major breakthroughs. The only martial arts movie he played in was Knockout, a boxing movie.

Ed O’Neill BJJ Coach and Training

Ed O’Neill trains under the Gracie family with Rorion Gracie as his head coach. He started training Brazilian jiu jitsu in the late 1980s and received his black belt after 16 years. Ed also appears in some of the videos of Rener Gracie and Ryron Gracie, such as the Gracie Breakdown below of the Vitor Belfort vs Jon Jones match.

Ed also made a video about the new 32 Principles program from Rener and Ryron. He explains his view on the principles and how these can help you become better at jiu jitsu more quickly.

In the video below you can see Ed O’Neill training BJJ with his coach Rorion Gracie. Despite his old age, you can see that Ed is fluent in his techniques and knows his fundamental BJJ moves.

Ed O’Neill BJJ Black Belt

Ed O’Neill is a BJJ black belt under Rorion Gracie. It took him 16 years to get his black belt, which is longer than how long it usually takes to get a black belt in BJJ. This indicates that Ed probably didn’t train too many times per week. However, also keep in mind that it takes longer to get a black belt in BJJ than in any other martial art. A normal time for Ed to get his BJJ black belt would have been 10 years.

How Good Is Ed O’Neill at BJJ?

Ed O’Neill is good at BJJ. He’s a Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt, which means he has solid fundamentals and knows how to use BJJ for self defense. Of course, Ed is quite old now, so he doesn’t compete and it’s unlikely that he still does hard sparring. Nevertheless, he’s a great representative of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Ed O’Neill BJJ Celebrity

Ed O’Neill is one of the most prominent celebrities that do BJJ. He’s a great representative of the sport. He’s famous and he’s such a nice guy, and we’re happy that he found a home with the Gracie family. We’re also happy that the Gracies didn’t take it easy on Ed because he’s famous and still made him work hard to become a legit BJJ black belt.

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