Best BJJ Gi for Skinny Guys | 6 Gis for the Tall & Lanky

Finding the best BJJ gi is a challenge for us tall guys (I’m Dutch, so by heritage I’m tall like a tree), because most gis assume a more ‘standard’ body type. This problem gets worse the taller and skinnier you get. To help all the lanky guys out there, I wrote this post about the best BJJ gis for tall skinny guys.

Best for Taller and skinnier guys

Origin DNA Comp

The origin White Comp DNA Atleta gi (A2l BJJ gi)

The Origin Comp DNA Atleta is available in A2L and A3L, and because it’s a competition gi it’s a slim fit cut. So this is a great option if you’re still a little too skinnt or tall for normal A2L and A3L BJJ gi’s.

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Best for Tall and skinny guys

GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave is available in A2L and A3L which is enough for most tall and skinny guys. It’s a premium quality gi for a very affordable price, so I think it’s the best buy for most tall guys.

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Best for The Tallest guys

Tatami Competitor

tallest BJJ gi

The Tatami Competitor gi is the best BJJ gi for the tallest and skinniest among us. It’s available in A2XL and A3XL (‘extra long’) and it’s a competition gi which means it’s more slim fit.

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What to look for in a BJJ gi for a tall skinny guy?

Other than the gi sizing, which I discuss in detail below, a tall skinny guy should still pay attention to the normal factors when buying a jiu jitsu gi:

  • Whether the fabric of the jacket and the gi pants is high quality
  • Whether the weave is a weak single weave or a strong pearl weave (in both the gi jacket and the gi pants)
  • Whether the gi brand is a reputable martial art brand (in case you want to return the gi or get in touch with customer support).

I made sure that all the gis in the list below meet all these basic requirements.

Best Gi for Tall and Skinny Guys

How to choose the best BJJ gi for tall skinny guys

If you’re lanky, there’s three options you should consider to find the best BJJ gi for a tall skinny guy like yourself. They are in ascending order of how tall and skinny you are.

Option 1: Get an ‘L’ modified tall size BJJ gi (A2L, A3L)

illustration of a tall skinny guy

The first step that a tall person should take is to take a look at ‘L’ modified gis. So instead of an A2 you might get an A2L gi, which stands for A2-long. These gis are made specifically for people with more lanky body types. Most major brands (Fuji, Tatami) have special ‘L’ variations of their gis for tall people, but most smaller brands don’t.

For your reference, the L size gis are usually right for the following body types (depends a bit on the brand):

A2L5’10”-6’00” (178-183cm)170-192 lbs (77-87kg)
A3L6’00”-6’4″ (183-193cm)192-220 lbs (87-100kg)

Option 2: Get a competition gi

The second step is to look at competition gis. Competition gis are typically more slim fit than regular gis, because a slim fit lightweight gi offers advantages for competitions (it’s easier to make your weight cut and it’s harder for your opponent to get grips on you). So if you’re just slightly too tall for an A2L gi, you can get the competition model of that gi in A2L and it might fit a little better.

Again, most major BJJ gi brands have a competition gi in their product line, but most smaller brands do not.

Option 3: Get a specialized brand gi

If you’re really tall and skinny, just getting an A2L competition gi may still not be enough for you. In that case, you need to get a premium gi that’s tailor made for lanky people.

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RollAmongUs: Specialized BJJ gi brand for tall skinny guys

It used to be that in this case your only option was to go to, which was previously named They made the best gis tall skinny guys in our martial art, and they’re still the best option if you’re extremely lanky. According to their size chart their tallest gi sizes are:

RollAmongUs A2LT6’22” – 6’55”160 – 190 lbs
RollAmongUs A3LT6’5” – 6’8”190 – 220 lbs
RollAmongUs A4LT6’8” – 6’11”230 – 260 lbs

Tatami: special BJJ Gi sizes for lanky guys

But, Tatami (a major gi brand in BJJ) now also picked up on the need for very slim fit gis and they now sell A2XL (as in ‘extra long’) gis of some of their gis (similar to A2LT from RollAmongUs). These A2XL gis are for very tall and skinny guys:

  • Tatami A2XL: 6’00 – 6’4′ and 170 – 192lb (183 – 193cm and 77 – 87kg)

You can browse Tatami’s A2XL gis for lanky people on

GI Size Calculator

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The best BJJ gis for tall and skinny guys

Gi sizeRecommendation
TallA2LThe Gold BJJ Aeroweaeve (shop this gi)
TallerA2L competition giThe Origin Comp DNA Atleta (shop this gi)
TallestA2XLThe Tatami competitor gi (shop this gi)

1. GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is my favorite BJJ gi of all time and it’s available in tall guy sizes (A1L, A2L and A3L). The A3L size covers people up to 6’6” that are just 190 lbs, so most lanky guys can get this gi.

I love this gi because it’s premium quality for an affordable price. It’s the lightest gi ever made, which makes it super comfortable, but it’s also strong because of reinforced stiching in key area’s.

So if you’re a ‘normal’ tall guy (rather than an extremely tall guy), I like this BJJ gi the best for you.

2. Origin Comp DNA Atleta

The origin White Comp DNA Atleta gi (A2l BJJ gi)

The Origin Comp DNA Atleta is a great gi for tall guys. It’s available in tall guy sizes (A2L and A3L) and it’s from Origin which is an all around great BJJ brand.

I mention this competition gi here, not necessarily because I think you’re going to compete, but because competition gi’s are always slim fit, which makes them look better on tall guys.

So this gi is a great option if you’re especially lanky and normal A2L and A3L BJJ gis still look a little baggy on you.

3. The Competitor gi from tatami

best bjj gi for tall and skinny guys

  • Lightweight and slim fit for competitions
  • Available in A2L, A3L and A2XL
  • Quality brand

Tatami’s the competitor gi is another great BJJ gi for tall and skinny guys. It’s available in A2XL, a size that Tatami made specifically for people with a very tall and skinny body type. (It’s also available in A2L and A3L for people that are only a bit lanky.)

It’s also a competition model, which means it’s a lightweight gi and it’s a bit more slim fit than a regular gi. If you’re really skinny, this means that this gi won’t look baggy and loose on you, but will fit you well.

Further, Tatami is a very established brand in Brazilian jiu jitsu, so you’ll look right at home with it on the mats.

I think this is the best BJJ gi for tall and skinny guys that aren’t quite lanky enough to warrant buying a gi from a specialized brand.

4. Lanky PRO 550 VS BJJ Gi

Best BJJ gi for lanky guys

  • Tallest and skinniest BJJ gi possible
  • Available in A2LT, A3LT and A4LT
  • A bit more expensive

The Lanky Pro 550 V3 is the best BJJ gi for tall and skinny guys. It’s the flagship BJJ gi from RollAmongUs (previously known as and it’s tailor made for extremely tall and skinny people.

Compared to Tatami’s line of gi’s for lanky people, this one has two major upsides:

  • The A2LT gi gives slightly more height than Tatami’s A2XL
  • This gi is also available in A3LT and A4LT, which you need if you’re both lanky and huge. (Tatami doesn’t offer comparable sizes.)

RollAmongUs also allows you to mix kimono and gi pants sizes. This is helpful if you have very long legs but a normal upper body, or very long arms but not so long legs. Just check out the gi size charts on their website to make sure you pick the right kimono and pants size.

The only downside is that this gi is slightly more expensive than the gis in Tatami’s line – but if you’re really lanky, you won’t get a better fit anywhere else. Therefore Lanky PRO is the best BJJ gi for lanky guys for sure.

5. Tatami Nova Absolute

Tatami bjj gi for tall people
  • Affordable
  • Available in A2L, A3L and A2XL
  • Established brand

The Tatami Nova Absolute is one of Tatami’s most popular gis. It’s a basic gi with a classic look and it’s great quality.

If you don’t specifically want Tatami’s competition gi, which is more slim fit, I would recommend the Nova Absolute. It’s still a very good fit for people that are very tall and skinny (if you get the A2XL), but it’s a bit cheaper than the competitor gi.

6. Estilo Black Label gi

great bjj gi for tall skinny guys
  • Minimal patches and branding
  • Available in A2L, A3L and A2XL

The Estilo Black Label gi is available in sizes for taller people, so it’s another good option if you’re lanky. Tatami partnered with Josh Hinger for this gi, who’s a credible BJJ athlete from Atos.

Conclusion: What’s the best BJJ gi for tall and skinny guys?

If you’re looking for the best BJJ gi for tall and skinny guys, you have three options depending on how lanky you are:

  • Extremely lanky: you go with a Tatami A2XL competitor gi or a RollAmongUs gi.
  • Very Lanky: you go with a A2L slim fit competition gi.
  • Lanky: you go with any A2L gi.

Of course, every BJJ practitioner is unique, and you still have to take your other preferences into consideration as well. If you go to our best BJJ gi guide, we also list gis in the categories lightweight, premium and more!

Good luck finding the BJJ gi that fits you and your lanky body type!

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