Jozef Chen’s Favorite BJJ Instructionals – Learn from the same sources as the prodigy

Jozef Chen will win ADCC 2024 – I’m calling it now! He had the most amazing run through the ADCC Trials in history this year, and he’s making big waves in the BJJ scene. He mentiones in a recent interview which BJJ instructionals he learned the most from, so naturally we should all watch those too. So here they are!

Jozef Chen’s favorite BJJ instructionals

Jozef Chen’s favorite BJJ instructionals include some remarkable works by renowned grapplers:

  1. Gordon Ryan’s “Systematically Attacking The Guard: Half Guard Passing”: This instructional by multiple-time ADCC champion Gordon Ryan covers a comprehensive system for passing the half guard. It includes techniques to combat various positions like the knee shield, butterfly half guard, lockdown half, deep half, and more​​. You can find this instructional here on BJJ Fanatics.
  2. John Danaher’s “New Wave Jiu Jitsu: No Gi Guard Passing”: John Danaher, known for his detailed and innovative coaching, presents this series focusing on guard passing using body locks and systematic pressure. This instructional delves into the central principles and challenges of guard passing​​. It is available here on BJJ Fanatics.
  3. Craig Jones’ “Power Ride: A New Philosophy on Pinning”: Craig Jones, a star at B-Team Grappling, offers a 6-part series on controlling and dominating positions, particularly focusing on pinning opponents and setting up submissions​​. You can find it here on BJJ Fanatics.
  4. Nicky Ryan’s “Wrestle Up Series”: In his debut instructional series with BJJ Fanatics, Nicky Ryan teaches one of the most successful open guard sweeping systems. This series focuses on wrestling up from the bottom position​​. It is available here on BJJ Fanatics.

You can hear Jozef Chen talk about these instructionals, and other things he does to learn BJJ so fast, in the YouTube video by Alec Baulding below.

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