BJJ Black Friday Deals 2023: Save Hundreds Of Dollars

On this page we collect the best Black Friday 2023 BJJ Deals to save a ton of money on BJJ instructionals and BJJ gear.

Black Friday Deals for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2023

Here’s the best Black Friday BJJ deals for 2023:

My Top 3 Black Friday BJJ Deals in 2023

All Black Friday Deals in BJJ in 2023

  • Gold BJJ: Up to 30% off on the Gold BJJ Aeroweave Ultralight Gi. Deal Page
  • XMartial: Up to 60% off on custom BJJ Equipment rash guards. Deal Page
  • Grappling SMARTY: Up to 10% off, plus an additional 5% off with code TSAVO5. Deal Page
  • Fuji: Up to 40% off on the Fuji “All-Around” Gi. Deal Page
  • Hayabusa: Up to 30% off with free shipping. Deal Page
  • Inverted Gear: 30% off everything with the code CANTWAIT30. Deal Page
  • Matsasura: Up to 70% off. Deal Page
  • Venum: Up to 70% off. Deal Page
  • Tatami: Up to 50% off. Deal Page
  • Phalanx: Up to 60% off. Deal Page
  • Grapplearts: 50% off all instructionals with the code BLACK2023. Deal Page
  • BJJ Concepts: 25% off, first week free with the code BIGBLACKCODE. Deal Page
  • Grappler’s Guide: $97 for a lifetime membership. Deal Page
  • Yoga for BJJ: $999 for lifetime access to all courses. Deal Page
  • Humble Fightwear: Up to 40% off. Deal Page
  • Progress Jiu-Jitsu: 30% off. Deal Page
  • Scramble: Up to 50% off. Deal Page
  • Mega BJJ: 15% off with ATX15. Deal Page
  • Grapple Graphix: Up to 25% off. Deal Page
  • Made 4 Fighters: Up to 70% off. Deal Page
  • Fighter’s Market: Up to 65% off. Deal Page
  • Kit Dale Training: 52% off. Deal Page
  • Jiu-Jitsu X: 45% off with EBF. Deal Page
  • Budo Videos: 20% off with BFCM. Deal Page

Archive: Best BJJ Black Friday Deals from 2022

These were the best Black Friday deals in the BJJ space from 2022. We’ll keep them here for your reference.

BJJ Fanatics

51% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY2022.

Pro tip: combine this with their Daily Deals for even higher discounts (70% off + 51% off makes a Gordon Ryan dvd $250 only $37).

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BJJ Mental Models Premium

50% off for 6 months with the code BLACKFRIDAY2022.

Also read: BJJ Mental Models Premium Review

Grappler’s Guide

50% off lifetime discount if you enter your email.

Also read: Grapplers Guide Review

Blue Belt in 1 day

50% off, no code required

Yoga for BJJ

$999 for lifetime access to all courses.


50% off all instructional with the code BLACK2022.

BJJ Concepts

30% off, first week free with the code BIGBLACKCODE2


Up to 40% off. No code needed.


Up to 30% off. Free shipping. No code needed.


Up to 50% off. No code needed.

Inverted Gear

30% off everything with the code CANTWAIT30

Coffee & Kimuras

30% off everything (starts Thursday, November 24). Sign up to the email list for early access.


40% to 70% off. No code needed.


Up to 70% off. No code needed.

Mega BJJ

20% off with the code BlackFriday20

Do you know more BJJ Black Friday deals?

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50% off Craig Jones, John Danaher and many other instructors!