How to get your blue belt faster than everyone else (free course)

Are you a white belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu who struggles with these problems?

  • You forget techniques
  • Your techniques don’t work in sparring
  • You’re not getting better fast enough

Then I have great news for you…

You CAN become a blue belt faster…

And over the next few minutes I’m going to prove it to you…

Because I’m going to explain to you my new framework for learning BJJ much faster than anybody else…

It’s called Blue Belt in 1 Day and I’ll explain exactly how it works.

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7 secrets to get your blue belt 61% faster

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Keep reading to learn what the whole Blue Belt in 1 Day framework is and how it helps you avoid the dirty secret that’s KILLING YOUR PROGRESS

How to get your blue belt faster than 99% of people

Here’s how you could train to get better at jiu jitsu faster than almost everybody else:

  • Only learn techniques that are extremely effective and very easy
  • Combine your techniques into a simple game plan that’s impossible to forget

Does that sound simple?

I’m sure you know it’s actually harder than it sounds.

The first step to success with this strategy is to expose a dirty little secret that most people in BJJ aren’t aware off.

The dirty secret that kills your progress

Do you want to know a dirty secret?

Most BJJ techniques don’t work on beginners.

I don’t mean that they’re too hard – they physically don’t work.

It took me years to realize this. It’s why it took me almost 4 years to get my blue belt.

Let me prove it to you with some examples of techniques that don’t work on beignners:

  • Leg drags don’t work on beginners, because beginners don’t lift their legs high enough when they play guard. But another pass works great against their leg positioning…
  • Reverse de la riva guard doesn’t work on beginners, because they don’t stand crouched enough for you to put a good hook in on their leg. Since they stand too straight, they don’t put pressure. This means you can’t play reverse de la riva, but you can easily sweep them with another guard…
  • Anaconda strangles are hard on beginners because they’re best used as a follow up technique to a guillotine defense – but most beginners don’t do this defense. So it’s very hard to do an Anaconda on a beginner. But there’s 2 submissions that beginners just can’t defend…

Ok, enough teasing…

Do you want to know some techniques that do work on beginners?

I’ll give you 3 examples:

  • Toreando passes work better on beginners than leg drags, given their low leg positioning.
  • Single x guard works amazing on beginners because they stand fairly straight which makes the sweep easy, and you can immediately attack a straight footlock after the sweep.
  • Guillotines and straight footlocks are easy submissions to learn for anyone, because the mechanics to finish it are so intuitive (especially against beginners, on who you can do a very basic pulling finish).

Please know that these are just 3 random examples of techniques that do and don’t work.

I hope you find them helpful, but…

There’s so many more things you should know.

For literally every BJJ technique, you should know whether it works on beginners or not.

Does that sound like too much?

Don’t worry, I’ll show you everything you need to know.

How to avoid all common pitfalls and improve like a prodigy

What you need to know is which techniques work on beginners and which ones don’t.

And you need to know how combine these techniques into a powerful game plan that’s so easy you can’t possibly forget it.


That’s exactly what you get in my course Blue Belt in 1 Day.

It makes learning BJJ so easy for you…

The only faster thing would be to download BJJ knowledge straight into your brain (like Neo in the Matrix).

What’s your life like with Blue Belt in 1 Day?

Before I go any further…

I really want you to think about it.

How could your life be transformed if you got Blue Belt in 1 Day?

If you could submit all the white belts you know with ease… anytime you wanted?

Would you finally have the confidence to compete?

Maybe you’d be the leader that your team mates look up to…

Imagine everybody in your gym getting excited when you start a roll with a tough visitor… because they want to see how you’ll win.

Imagine your instructor putting a blue belt around your waist in front of the class at your promotion.

Imagine the whole crowd cheering at a tournament when you hit the SICK submissions during your matches.

The immediate results you may expect

You may expect the following immediate results for yourself after your order Blue Belt in 1 Day:

  • Surprise yourself with techniques that actually work the first time you try them in sparring
  • Feel confident as you make real progress after each and every training (and faster than your peers)
  • Have more fun and beat your rivals while trying less hard

What’s included in Blue Belt in 1 Day

Order Blue Belt in 1 Day now and get:

blue belt in 1 day cover
Blue belt in 1 day table of contents
Blue belt in 1 day preview
Blue belt in 1 day preview
  • The impossible to forget game plan for quick wins
  • The extended game plan for big wins
  • The literally-all-BJJ-techniques checklists, including:
    • All 11 guard passes
    • All 13 guards
    • All 5 pins
    • All 4 leg entanglements
    • All 57 submissions
    • The 9 most important submissions
    • The 5 techniques from the impossible to forget game plan
  • The only guide to which techniques actually work on beginners

And if you don’t notice that you’re learning BJJ much faster and more effectively than ever before within 30 days after your purchase, I’ll refund your order. No questions asked.

How did I learn how to get better at BJJ super fast?

Hi, I’m Max van den Broek, a brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu under Checkmat Amsterdam.

Hi, I’m Max, nice to meet you 🙂

That’s a picture of my brown belt promotion, a special day for me.

Extra special, because…

I got my brown belt only 2.5 years after I got my blue belt.

So I got both my purple and my brown belt in a very short time.

So am I a fast learner?

Well, maybe I am now, but…

I used to be the slowest learner in the room

Don’t believe me? What if I told you that…

It took me almost 4 years to get my blue belt!

That’s slow…

And I trained 3 to 5 times per week, which is well above average, but…

It took me so long because I was training the wrong things.

That’s what I’ve been talking to you about this whole time.

All the beginner mistakes I mentioned, all the faulty training methods. all the techniques that don’t work…

I know the mistakes because I lived them.

That’s basically it:

I trained the wrong way, and I was a white belt for 4 years, so you don’t have to.

You can do everything I did much faster than me… (and almost everyone else)…

You’ll avoid all the mistakes I made…

You’ll take a shortcut to the only techniques that work on beginners…

I put everything you need in Blue Belt in 1 Day.

And if you’re still not sure about ordering my course after reading all this, you can get the first 2 chapters for free. Just use the sign up form below to receive the 2 free chapters and some extra useful tips to get better faster over the coming days.

7 secrets to get your blue belt 61% faster

Free chapter


If you have any doubts left, I’d love to take them away. Here’s a few questions that I sometimes get about the course:

1 – Can I really get my blue belt in 1 day?

No, you won’t get a blue belt in the mail if you buy this course (you wouldn’t want to get your blue belt that way).

The point of the name is that you can learn everything a blue belt knows in just 1 day. Which is amazing. The course is short enough that you can go through it all in 1 day, and yet I’m sure it covers everything you need to get your blue belt (and honestly, more than you need).

2 – So how fast can I get my blue belt then?

That depends on a lot of factors (experience, talent, how much you train), so it’s impossible to give one answer to that for everyone.

The only promise I can make is that you’ll get your blue belt much faster if you train the right things – which is what you learn in the course.

3 – I’m already a blue belt, can I still buy this course?

Yes! In fact, even some purple belts would still benefit a lot from this course.

You’ll know some of the stuff already but you’ll pick the rest up quicker and get a fresh perspective on your techniques and your game. So it might actually be a very transformative experience.

4 – Is this course text based or does it include videos?

The course is completely text based, with checklists for all the moves and flowcharts for the game plans. It’s 47 pages, which means you should be able to go through it all in 1 day, which is the goal.

5 – What if I buy it and I don’t like it?

If you don’t notice that you’re getting better at BJJ much faster than ever before within 14 days of your purchase I’ll gladly refund your order. Just send me an email at and I’ll refund without asking any questions..

Blue Belt in 1 Day

To anyone left that’s still doubting

I know a small percentage of people always has a lot of doubts before they buy anything.

If you’re not like that, you don’t have to read this.

But if you’re an eternal doubter, this part is for you.

Here I answer some objections that are typical for doubters to have.

Blue Belt in 1 Day is not cheating…

There’s a very real sense in which this course is a cheat sheet.

But that doesn’t mean it’s cheating.

And to be clear: you can’t buy your way into a blue belt. You still have to earn it.

The title of this course doesn’t mean that I’ll send you a blue belt that arrives in the mail the next day.

It merely means that you’ll learn everything a blue belt knows and should know within 1 day.

And that you’ll get better much quicker after this, because you know exactly what you have to do to get super fast progress.

So it’s a cheat sheet.

And it may feel like you’re cheating when you have it and your training partners don’t, because you’ll be reading all the answers and getting better super quickly, while they’re still clueless about what’s going on.

But I don’t think it’s cheating because you still do all the hard work. You still do all the practice to develop your skills and master your techniques.

It’s still you who earned your blue belt.

(You wouldn’t want it any other way.)

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