Best Cheap BJJ Gi | 6 Affordable Options

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a BJJ gi nowadays. But what’s the best cheap BJJ gi?

Read my answer in the list of affordable jiu jitsu gis below…

Cheapest BJJ Gi

Jayefo Gi

The Jayefo gi is the cheapest BJJ gi. That said, I would not buy it unless you really have to. I think the Sanabul Essentials is much better quality for just a few bucks extra.

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Best Budget BJJ Gi

Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials is my favorite budget BJJ gi. It’s very good quality for how cheap it is, and it lasts just as long as some other more expensive gis that I had.

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Best Value BJJ Gi

GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave is ultra light, strong and comfortable, and still pretty affordable. It’s actually my favorite gi of all time and I think it’s also the best value for your money.

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I bought a lot of BJJ gis over the years, including a lot of cheap ones.

Most of them were pretty good, but some of them were very bad.

You should be careful when you buy a cheap BJJ gi, because if you buy a bad one, you’ll have to buy again (and you lose money).

So read up on which cheap gis are good and which are just bad in this article.

Best Cheap BJJ Gi

The Best Cheap BJJ Gi (Top 6)

You want a cheap BJJ gi? That’s possible!

But don’t get the cheapest one – it’s poor quality.

Here’s my breakdown of which BJJ gis are cheap and good and which are just bad.

Jayefo giSanabul Essentials giGoldBJJ Aeroweave gi
QualityBadGood enoughGreat
PriceSuper cheapCheapAffordable
Amazon linkBuy it hereBuy it hereBuy it here

1. Best Budget BJJ Gi: Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials gi is the best budget gi for Brazilian jiu jitsu.

It’s dirt cheap, but it’s surprisingly high quality. I’ve owned several over the years and they always lasted me just as long as some other gis that were more expensive.

So if you want a cheap jiu jitsu gi, pick this one. (There’s a few gis on Amazon that are even cheaper, like the Jayefo, but they look like they’re drastically lower quality. I don’t think it’s not worth it to save a few bucks by buying a gi that’s much worse and that you’ll need to replace within a year.)

2. Best Value BJJ Gi: GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave gi is (in my opinion) the BJJ gi that’s the best value for money. It’s not the cheapest gi, but it’s an awesome gi that’s still pretty affordable.

The Aerwoweave is ultra light and strong, and it’s just high quality. I also find it very comfortable. It’s actually my favorite gi.

So if you have a few extra dollars to spend, I highly recommend this gi. For a few extra dollars you get a gi that’s nicer and lasts longer than the Sanabul.

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3. Cheapest BJJ Gi: Jayefo gi

Since you asked about cheap bjj gis, I’ll mention the cheapest BJJ gi I could find, which is the Jayefo gi.

I wouldn’t recomment this gi, because it looks a little shabby. I would go with the Sanabul Essentials gi instead because it’s only a tiny bit less cheap. If you’re looking for the best BJJ gi under $100, I think you can find many better options than the Jayefo.

But I can’t look in your wallet. If you really need the cheapest BJJ gi possible, this is it.

Which BJJ Gi Should I Buy?

Let me recommend you a gi based on your answers to 3 questions.

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My top picks for: Beginner gis | Premium gis | Gi brands | Cheap gis | Lightweight gis | Gis for skinny guys | Gis for big guys | Durable gis

4. Another Affordable Gi: The Fuji BJJ Uniform

The FUJI BJJ Uniform is another affordable BJJ uniform.

I want to throw their name in the hat because I like the FUJI brand (shoutout to Travis Stevens!) and I used to like this gi when I was a white and blue belt.

I don’t buy it anymore because it feels a little heavy and clunky to me. But to be fair it did last me really long (that’s the upside of having a stiff and sturdy I guess).

5. And another affordable gi: The Venum Contender 2.0

The Venum Contender 2.0 is yet another afforable BJJ gi. It’s very similar to the Fuji BJJ Uniform for me. I bought this gi multiple times when I was a white belt.

In hindsight I think I probably bought this gi because I was familiar with Venum as a brand from MMA. I think I saw Shogun Rua dominate the UFC in Venum shorts, and I thought, I want that brand too. (Sponsorships really work…)

I stopped buying this gi, mostly because I don’t like the brand anymore. Venum is really more of an MMA brand than a BJJ brand. I think that’s why Venum is more popular among white belts than among higher belts.

But other than my personal brand association, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this gi. It’s just not my favorite.

6. Another Cheap gi: The Elite Sports BJJ Gi

The Elite Sports BJJ gi is a popular cheap gi on Amazon. But I personally think it’s not as good as the Sanabul Essentials gi, which has a very similar price point.

The Sanabul is the higher quality and better looking gi in my opinion (which makes sense because Elite Sports is a general sports brand, they don’t really focus on jiu jitsu).

So I recommend the Sanabul, but I won’t be mad if you take the Elite Sports BJJ gi.

How to buy a cheap BJJ gi? A quick Guide

To buy a cheap BJJ gi, you can do one of these things:

  1. Buy one of the gis I mentioned in this post. They’re really good value for the money.
  2. Look to buy a gi on sale. I feel like gis go on sale less than they used to, but you can still find a good discount every now and then during a clearance. I’ve found some good deals here in the past:
    1. Tatami outlet
    2. BJJ Fight Gear sale
  3. Buy a gi second hand at your gym. I actually bought one of my first gis from a training partner at my gym. He saw me walking around in my shabby old gi, and he offered to sell me a gi that he bought in the wrong size. That was a good deal for both of us. So ask around in your gym to see if anyone has something for you.

Why are some BJJ gis cheaper than others?

There are a few reasons why a BJJ gi might be cheap. The most common are:

  • They’re thin: thin gis are made of less fabric and are therefore cheaper. The downside is that they’re also less durable. (Except if you buy a premium lightweight gi, those are also thin but they use reinforced stichting in key areas to remain strong.)
  • They don’t do a lot of reinforced stichtng: reinforced stiching around key areas, such as the knees and the collar, make a gi a lot more durable (because you’ll notice that BJJ gis always rip in the same spots). But cheap gis don’t use reinforced stiching, that’s how they cut costs.
  • They use a cheap weave: there are different ways to weave a gi. The cheapest and worst way is single weave, then double weave, then pearl weave, and there are a few other methods. Nowadays I think even all the cheap gis use at least a double weave, because it’s so much stronger. So if you see a gi that’s a single weave, that’s a red flag!
  • They ‘look’ cheap: I don’t know why, but cheap gis often just look cheap, you know what I mean? It must have something to do with the fabric or the paint or how they’re made. But you can definitely tell when someone bought a really cheap gi, and that’s an experience you want to avoid (or at least I do).


What does a bjj gi cost?

The cost of a BJJ gi depends primarily on its quality. You can get a decent quality BJJ gi for under $100 and a great BJJ gi for under $200.

Can you get a good BJJ gi for Under $100?

Yes, you can get a good BJJ gi for under $100. But it won’t be a great gi. It probably won’t have reinforced stitching and it won’t last as long as more expensive gis.

Can you get a good BJJ gi for Under $200?

Yes, you can get a good BJJ gi for under $200. As a matter of fact, you can get a great gi for that price!

why are bjj gis so expensive?

BJJ gis are so expensive because they are hard to make. Compared to a karate gi, a BJJ gi requires much more fabric, a different stichting technique and parts with reinforced stiching.

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