Best Cheap BJJ Gi – 4 Jiu Jitsu Gis to Save 💲

Buying the best BJJ gi while on a budget is challenging, because gis that are too cheap can be flimsy or unreliable. I compared all the BJJ Gis under $100 and in this article I explain what the best cheap BJJ gi is and why.

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How to choose the best cheap bjj GI

Obviously, to find a cheap bjj gi, you mainly need to look at its price. But, you still have to take quality into account as well. Brazilian jiu jitsu is a tough sport and a weak gi will be ripped apart very quickly.

Price vs Quality: What’s a realistic cheap BJJ gi price?

Cheap street

What is realistic to expect of a cheap BJJ gi? I think the industry has come far and is now able to deliver:

  • Thin gis for $50 – $60. You’ll notice that these gis are much lighter, simply because they’re made with less material. They’re less durable, but they’re still good enough quality to last more than 1 year.
  • Normal thickness gis for $80 – $100. A gi of normal thickness is naturally more durable, and can easily last more than 2 years.

These are cheap but realistic prices for jiu jitsu gis in my opinion. If you see gi’s for much cheaper than than, they’re probably flimsy Karate gis being passed off for BJJ kimonos. Don’t fall for that old trick!

The best cheap bjj gis

1. Hawk BJJ Gi

Cheapest BJJ gi by HawkThe HAWK BJJ Gi is the cheapest BJJ Gi I could find of good quality (but check the current prize to make sure this is still true).

The gi has a fairly plain and classic look, although its brand name is visible on the gi a few times.

However, keep in mind that to make this gi so cheaply, HAWK makes it thin. It’s still thick enough to withstand the natural pressures of BJJ, but you can’t expect it to last as long as a thicker gi. And if you live in a cold climate you might want to take a thicker gi just because it’s warmer. (If you want a thicker gi, then the Fuji All Around BJJ Gi is the most affordable option.)

Bonus features of the HAWK gi are that it comes with a free white belt, and that it is preshrunk, which makes it somewhat easier to choose the correct size.

Gi with best vaue for the money from FujiThe Fuji All Around BJJ Gi is the least inexpensive BJJ gi in this list – but it might be gi with the best value for your money. And it’s still fairly affordable in my opinion.

I’ve personally owned a Fuji All Around gi for over three years now and it’s still in great condition. (I own multiple gis so I don’t wear it to every training – but still.) It’s made of a pretty thick fabric, so that’s why it is so durable.

So if your budget allows for it, I recommend getting the FUJI All Around gi. It’s still a fairly plain and cheap BJJ gi, and it will last you longer than the other gis in this list.

best cheap BJJ gi from Elite SportsThe Elite Sports BJJ gi is the second cheapest BJJ gi I could find of decent quality (but again, check the current prize to make sure this is still true). It’s possible the best cheap BJJ gi though, as it has slightly better reviews than the Hawk gi.

Just like the HAWK and Sanabul BJJ gi’s, it’s cheap because it’s made from thin fabric, so keep that in mind.

The gi is very classic and plain looking with minimal branding, and in addition to the standard colors, it also comes in a grey and a green color that I like (but remember, only white and blue BJJ gi’s are universally accepted at competitions).

It’s made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which means it’s more durable than the Sanabul Essentials gi, but it breathes less and absorbs less sweat. But, sweat absorbtion is a double edges sword in BJJ, because on one hand, you want your gi to absorb your sweat so that you don’t sweat all over the mat and your opponents, but on the other hand it’s harder to keep your gi clean if you fill it up with liters of sweat every training.

good quality cheap BJJ gi by SanabulThe Sanabul Essentials V2 is a very affordable BJJ gi. When I looked, it was slightly less inexpensive than the Hawk and Elite sports gis, but make sure you check the current prize.

The Sanabul gi is again very thin, and that’s why they’re able to make it so cheap, so keep that in mind when you buy this gi.

The Sanabul is made of a 100% cotton which means it feels very soft, and breathes more than gis of other fabrics. However, it also means that it wear and tear occurs when you put it in the washing machine, so you should expect this gi to last slightle less long than the others in this list. (Sanabul actually recommends that you only wash this gi by hand, but that would be so much work that I don’t believe most people do that.)

Conclusion: What's the best cheap BJJ gi?

The best cheap BJJ gi is either the gi with the cheapest BJJ gi, or the BJJ gi with the best value for the money. If you want the cheapest BJJ gi (of decent quality), you take the Elite Sports BJJ gi. If you want the


What does a bjj gi cost?

A thick BJJ gi usually costs $80 – $100. A thinner BJJ gi nowadays costs about $60. A thinner gi of decent quality can still last over a year, but if you want a very durable gi you should get a thicker gi or a premium quality lightweight gi.

why are bjj gis so expensive?

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a grappling sports and therefore the gis need to be much tougher than in striking based martial arts, such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Therefore, they require a lot more fabric to make, and thus are more expensive.