Gold BJJ Ultra Lightweight Aeroweave Gi

Product Specs

Weight270 gsm
(ultra lightweight)
Available sizesA0, A1, A2, A3, A4
Available colorsWhite, Black,
Grey, Navy
Material100% cotton
Belt includedNo

About this gi

The Gold BJJ Ultra Lightweight Aeroweave Jiu jitsu gi is my favorite BJJ gi.

It’s the lightest BJJ gi ever at 275 grams per square meter (all other lightweight gi’s are 350 gsm).

I love lightweight gis because they’re so comfortable and breathable.

They really help cool you down during training, which makes a big difference for your cardio.

And this gi is also very strong due to reinforced stitching in all the key areas (if you rip it, Gold BJJ will replace it).

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