12 Best BJJ Gi Brands & Companies | Premium & Budget

There are a few Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi companies and brands that are the best on the market, while other brands deliver poor quality. When you’re looking for a new gi it’s helpful to get a helicopter overview of all the well known brands, to avoid buying a crappy product from a shady knockoff brand. In this article, we will discuss some of the best companies and brands for Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gis to help you choose the best BJJ gi for you.

Best budget


Sanabul bjj gi brand logo

Sanabul offers the best budget BJJ gi brand because they offer decent quality for a great price. Their Essentials gi is the most popular BJJ gi among beginners. They recently launched various other gi models for more advanced BJJ practitioners.

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Best Overall

Gold BJJ

gold bjj gi brand logo

Gold BJJ is my favorite BJJ gi brand because they offer premium quality for an affordable price. They became famous for their Aeroweave gi which is the lighest BJJ gi ever made. Now they expanded their line with various other high quality gis

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Best premium


origin bjj gi brand logo

Origin is my favorite premium BJJ gi brand. It is co-owned by Jocko Willink, a famous retired Navy seal. Origin is a ‘quality above all’ kind of brand, but not outrageously expensive. Their most popular gi at the moment is their competition DNA Atleta gi.

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12 Best BJJ Gi Brands & Companies | Premium & Budget

The Best BJJ Gi Brands – Quick Overview

Here’s a table with the best BJJ gi brands and companies. I’ve separated them into three categories: premium, solid and budget gi companies. All of these brands are good, but you should know that you get what you pay for. 

(If I were to make a comparison to the car market, the premium category is Mercedes, solid is Ford and budget is Toyota. A comparison to my BJJ Submission rankings would be that premium is choke from the back, solid is armbar from closed guard and budget is Americana.)

BJJ Gi BrandQuality
Origin (Visit their website)Premium
Shoyoroll (Visit their website)Premium
Gold BJJ (Visit their Amazon store)Solid
Fuji (Visit their Amazon store)Solid
Kingz (Visit their Amazon store)Solid
Tatami (Visit their website)Solid
Hayabusa (Visit their Amazon store)Solid
Atama (Visit their website)Solid
RollAmongUs (Visit their website)Solid
Gameness (Visit their website)Solid
Venum (Visit their Amazon store)Solid
Sanabul (Visit their Amazon store)Budget
Elite Sports (Visit their Amazon store)Budget
A table with all the major BJJ brands – I underlined the ones that I like the most.

Best BJJ Gi Brand: GoldBJJ

Gold BJJ logo

GoldBJJ is a good all around BJJ gi company based in the USA. It’s actually my favorite BJJ gi brand now. I always loved their Aero Weave gi, which is the lightest BJJ gi ever made. I wear it at competitions, while traveling and during hot weather.

Now GoldBJJ has expanded their gi line with a foundation gi, an ultra strong gi (which I also love) and the heavy valiant gi. I think 5 years from now GoldBJJ might be the biggest brand in BJJ. (They just need to start sponsoring some popular athletes…)

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Best USA BJJ Gi Brand: Origin

Origin is Jocko Willink’s company that makes high-quality gi’s that are made in the USA. They deliver great quality BJJ gis at a price tag that’s above average but not outrageous. They started a few years ago and are quickly claiming more and more market share with their premium gi offerings.

best budget bjj gi brand: Sanabul

Sanabul logo

Sanabul is a company that offers budget-friendly Brazilian jiu-jitsu GIs. Their most popular gi model is the Sanabul Essentials Brazilian jiu-jitsu GI, which is my favorite budget gi. I still buy it every now and then when one of my gi’s breaks.

Now Sanabul also makes BJJ gis that are more suitable for advanced BJJ students. They make 2 competition gi’s that are stronger than the Essentials model and a very flashy NASA gi.

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The Luxury BJJ Gi Brand: Shoyoroll

Shoyoroll logo

ShoyoRoll is the luxury gi brand of Brazilian jiu jitsu. All their gis are limited edition and released in drops, just like many streetwear products. ShoyoRoll is known for spectacular designs, great quality and high-profile partnerships with competitors and coaches. They also own the record for the most expensive BJJ gi in the world.

(To be clear: most people don’t buy ShoyoRolls. It’s really kind of a collectable, just like other limited edition fashion brands.)

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Best European BJJ GI Brand: Tatami Fightwear

The first solid gi company we will discuss is Tatami Fightwear. Tatami Fightwear is a company that is based in the United Kingdom and is known for making good quality Brazilian jiu-jitsu GIs. They’re my favorite BJJ brand because the first gi I ever bought was their Tatami Nova Gi, and in general I think they offer the best BJJ gis for beginners. I also think it’s also one of the best British BJJ brands, and in fact one of the best BJJ brands in Europe.

FUJI Sports

Fuji Logo

FUJI Sports is a company that offers high-quality Judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu GIs. I quite like Fuji, because I really like their spokesperson, Travis Stevens (an Olympic judo medalist from the USA). And I’ve owned a lot of their gis in the past, and they were all good. Some of their popular GI models include the Brazilian jiu-jitsu Uniform and the the Suparaito BJJ gi.

Kingz Kimonos

Kingz logo

Kingz Kimonos is another company that offers high-quality Brazilian jiu-jitsu GIs. Their products are made with premium materials and construction, and they offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Some of their popular GI models include the Kingz The One Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi, the Kingz Nano 2.0 Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi, and the KingzBallistico 3.0 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi.


Venum logo

Venum is a company that offers high-quality martial arts gear, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu gis. Some of their popular gi models include the Venum Challenger 2.0 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi, the Venum Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi, and the Venum Contender Lightweight Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi. Venum is more of an MMA brand than a jiu jitsu brand, so I don’t really buy their products anymore, but their gis are still solid.


Rollamongus/Lanky logo

RollAmongUs, previously known as LankyFightGear, is an American BJJ gi brand that specializes in gis for the tall jiu jitsu practitioner. In my opinion, they make the best BJJ gis for tall and skinny people. They’re also now expanding to gis for regular people.


Atama logo

Atama is a well-known and respected brand for Brazilian jiu-jitsu GIs. They make high quality GIs that are very durable. Additionally, their designs are always unique and stylish. They also sponsor a lot of female BJJ athletes and have a special line of BJJ gis for women.

Inverted Gear

Inverted gear logo

I wanted to throw in a few small BJJ brands in this list as well. They have some cool BJJ gi designs, and they’re quality is good. But, since they’re a niche BJJ brand, their gis come at a slight premium. 


Gameness is a decent brand for Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gis. They are slightly more towards the budget end of things, but I own one of their gis and it’s holding up well.I wouldn’t recommend this as your main Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi brand but if you see a good deal you can snap it up.


Hayabusa logo

Hayabusa is a well-known and respected brand in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community. They make high-quality GIs that are built to last. Hayabusa GIs are also lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for training and competition.


Who makes the best BJJ gi?

Who makes the best BJJ gi depends on what you’re looking for in a gi. I think that Gold BJJ makes the best BJJ gi for most people, Sanabul makes the best budget gi for BJJ and Origin makes the best premium BJJ gis.

What brand gi does Joe Rogan wear?

Joe Rogan wears a Datsusara hemp jiu jitsu gi. At least, that’s what he says he wears. But I think he also has a financial stake in that company so I’d take it with a grain of salt. I believe he mostly rolls no gi anyway…

What are the best no gi BJJ brands?

The best no gi brands are mostly the same as the best gi brands. Some noteworthy no gi brands that don’t really make gis are Ground Control and Under Armour.

best bjj gi brand and companies