Top 10 Best Craig Jones Instructionals (& 6 to Avoid)

I watched all Craig Jones’ instructionals (pfeh, took me a while). And in this article I want to tell you what the best Craig Jones instructional is depending on what you want to learn.

Since Craig’s instructionals often have names that are funny but not very descriptive, I’ll first tell you what each instructional is about. Then I tell you what I think of it, and give you a recommendation.

The 10 Best Craig Jones Instructionals

TitleTopicDurationYearWhere to buy
1.Power Ride: A New Philosophy On PinningPinning like Khabib4 hours and 9 minutes2022Here on BJJ Fanatics
2.Make Z Guard Great AgainKnee shield half guard5 hours and 11 minutes2022Here on BJJ Fanatics
3.The anti-wrestling equation(Anti-) wrestling6 hours and 2 minutes2021Here on BJJ Fanatics
4.Get off my legs GringoLeg lock defense5 hours and 19 minutes2021Here on BJJ Fanatics
5.Mexican ground karate escapesFront headlock defense3 hours and 29 minutes2021Here on BJJ Fanatics
6.Power BottomGuard & wrestle ups5 hours and 34 minutes2021Here on BJJ Fanatics
7.Systematic Submission DilemmasLeg locks & triangles7 hours and 27 minutes2020Here on BJJ Fanatics
8.Power TopGuard passing5 hours and 9 minutes2022Here on BJJ Fanatics
9.False Reap AccusationsThe false reap1 hour and 59 minutes2022Here on BJJ Fanatics
(unranked)Just stand upTurtle, wrestling, Khabib pins3 hours and 17 minutes2023Here on BJJ Fanatics
Table: Overview and ranking of all Craig Jones instructionals

free Craig Jones instructional on BJJ Fanatics

Watch Craig’s only free instructional


Craig Jones

Just stand up: How jiu jitsu doesn’t work (New)

Full nameJust Stand Up: How jiu jitsu doesn’t work if you just stand up
Total duration3 hours and 17 minutes
Publication year2023
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What’s it about: Much like in Craig’s other recent instructionals (anti-wrestling, power top, power bottom and power ride), Just stand Up integrates traditional and folk style wrestling techniques into grappling. It has more pins like those in Power Ride, and more ways to build height like in Power Bottom.

Why I like it: Just stand up is Craig Jones’ newest instructional. If you know me, you know I love this instructional. I’m 100% on board with Craig’s quest to learn from MMA and wrestling to make jiu jitsu even more effective than it already is.

My recommendation:

  • If you liked Power Ride, but still find it hard to convert your new pins to submissions (like me), you’ll find new weapons here.
  • If you likes Power Bottom but still find yourself getting choked and power halved on your way up, this instructional will give you more details.
craig jones just stand up review instructional cover

Jiu jitsu doesn’t have to be hard…

Just Stand Up

Full review coming soon!

1. Power Ride: A new philosophy on pinning

Full namePower Ride: A New Philosophy On Pinning
Total duration4 hours and 9 minutes
Publication year2022
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What’s it about: It’s all about the system that people like Khabib Nurmagomedov use to control people, with leg rides, leg shelves, wrist rides and many more unorthodox positions. And Craig Jones argues convincingly that these positions give you much greater control and submission opportunity than the tradition BJJ pins (mount, side control, north south, knee ride and standard back control).

Why I like it: This instructional is a little over 4 hours of completely new content. I can almost guarantee that every single technique that Craig shows here is somthing you’ve never been taught before in BJJ. And I believe Craig’s right that this pinning system is where the sport is heading now that more athletically gifted people (wrestlers) are entering our sport.

My recommendation: Power Ride is Craig Jones’ best instructional to me. It’s extremely good. I highly recommend everyone to pick this up. This is where the sport is heading, don’t get left behind!

craig jones power ride review

Learn the real way to control people with the new pinning system that Craig Jones stole from Khabib Nurmagomedov

Pin like Khabib

Read the full review

2. Make Z guard great again

TitleMake Z Guard Great Again
Total duration5 hours and 11 minutes
Publication year2022
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What it’s about: It’s about knee shield half guard, both when you have it low (z guard) and high. It’s about how to retain this guard against common passes, how to attack the upper body and how to enter leg locks.

Why I like it: Craig plays the knee shield better than anybody, so this instructional is very thorough. I learned a lot of new details (even though I played this positional forever already) and my favorite part is actually on how to pass the knee shield (which I always found hard).

My recommendation: Get this instructional if you want to learn to play knee shielf half guard. If you’re a beginner you should definitely do this because it’s probably the easiest guard to learn at first.

Make Z-guard great again by Craig Jones cover

Learn the guard that Craig Jones still uses to sweep and submit people at the highest level

Learn Craig’s Guard

Read the full review

3. The anti-wrestling equation

TitleThe anti-wrestling equation: submission systems for counter-wrestling success
Total duration6 hours and 2 minutes
Publication year2021
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What it’s about: It’s about takedowns, wrestling, and breaking people down. It’s also about all the differences between wrestling and jiu jitsu and why some moves work in one but not the other: fascinating.

Why I like it: Craig is super knowledgeable about wrestling and MMA and how those differ from BJJ. He also teaches a very easy to use system to break someone down from a rear body lock, to a 4 point, to the turtle, to a hip, to the back, to a strangle. It flows very well and is easy to use. I also like the takedowns in here.

My recommendation: Get this if you want to bring people down to the ground and keep them down. Also if you struggle with attacking the turtle. Or if you’re a martial arts nerd and want to learn why supplexes don’t work in jiu jitsu. (I love this instructional.)

Craig Jones the anti wrestling equation cover

Learn wrestling and anti-wrestling for jiu jitsu from Craig Jones

Wrestle like Craig

Read the full review

4. Get off my legs gringo

TitleGet off my legs Gringo: a complete roadmap to defending the modern leglock game
Total duration5 hours and 19 minutes
Publication year2021
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What it’s about: Leg lock defense. Early, middle and late stage. So it covers how to defend and escape single x, 50/50 and saddle, the reap, backside 50/50 and double trouble and even deep heel hooks.

Why I like it: Craig is super knowledgeable about leg lock defense. I learned a lot of details, and many more went over my head. I already radically improved my defense from single x.

My recommendation: Get this if you’re tired of being heel hooked by people who are worse than you.

Get off my legs gringo by Craig Jones cover

Learn leg lock defense from Craig Jones

Defend like Craig

Read the full review

5. Mexican ground karate escapes

TitleMexican ground karate escapes volume 1: front headlocks
Total duration3 hours and 29 minutes
Publication year2021
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What it’s about: Escapes from front headlock submissions, such as the guillotine, d’arce and anaconda choke. And Craig also shares great details for finishing all these submissions.

Why I like it: Super good details. I’m actually great at guillotines (relatively speaking) and I see that these escapes are the only ones that work against me. And the guillotine is one of the easiest submissions to get tapped with by people who are much worse than you, so it’s very worthwhile to learn these escapes.

My recommendation: Get this instructional if you want to counter guillotines. (This one is also great in combination with power bottom, in which you learn to get up from guard, because you can get up without fearing the guillotine.)

Learn to finish and escape guillotines like Craig Jones in Mexican Ground Karate Escapes

Finish like Craig

Read the full review

6. Power Bottom

TitlePower Bottom
Total duration5 hours and 34 minutes
Publication year2021
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What it’s about: How to wrestle up, how to gain height and stand up from guard, bottom turtle and how to threathen gaining height to enter traditional guard attacks.

Why I like it: My experience with the Power Bottom style is that I find the wrestle ups hard to complete most of the time, but trying them makes everything else in my guard a lot easier.

My recommendation: Get this if you want to learn a new style of guard in which you constantly threathen to stand back up. (I think this instructional pairs very well with the Anti-Wrestling Equation.)

Power bottom by Craig Jones cover

Learn the modern guard game from Craig Jones that mixes wrestling, standing up and guard

See Craig’s Bottom

Read the full review

7. Systematic submission dilemmas

TitleSystematic Submission Dilemmas: High Level Triangle And Leg Lock Combos
InstructorCraig Jones
Total duration7 hours and 27 minutes
Publication year2020
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What it’s about: Leg lock finishing mechanics, triangle finishing mechanics for all 5 triangle chokes, and how to combine upper and lower body attacks.

Why I like it: This is the best instructional about breaking mechanics I’ve seen. Given that Craig broke so many people’s leg (remember Vinny Magalhaes), I think he’s the best teacher about this topic. The triangle part is also great (but could be replaced by a Danaher dvd), and the leg lock entries are still up to date.

My recommendation: Get this is you want to make sure you really know how to break a leg (not just pop it). And if you want to spice up your leg entries.

Systematic submission dilemmas by craig jones

Learn to combine triangles and leg locks from Craig Jones

Learn Craig’s Combo

Read the full review

8. Power Top

TitlePower Top: Penetrate And Pull Out Of Dangerous Entanglements
InstructorCraig Jones
Total duration5 hours and 9 minutes
Publication year2022
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What it’s about: It’s about passing guard against 3 types of guard players: people on their back, seated guard players, and people that don’t want to stay on their back.

Why I like it: I actually don’t like this one that much, because a big part is about a passing style in which you only engage with your opponent on favorable terms. Obviously that’s very effective in competition, but I thik it makes for somewhat boring rolls in the gym. And I feel like the more I engage, the more I learn.

My recommendation: Get this if you want to learn how to pass while giving your opponent nothing. Don’t get it if you want to learn how to pass established guards (passing closed guard, passing de la riva, etc.) because it’s not about that.

Craig jones power top cover

Learn to pass modern no gi guards with Craig Jones’ Power Bottom

Pass like Craig

Read the full review

9. False Reap accusations

TitleFalse Reap Accusations: a deep dive on the false reap position
Total duration1 hour and 59 minutes
Publication year2022
Where to buyHere on BJJ Fanatics

What it’s about: The false reap, which is a position from which you can enter leg attacks. It’s very hot right now in high level no gi competition.

Why I like it: I don’t like this instructional too much because it feels unfinished. It’s quite short, and Craig talks about some sections that didn’t make it into the dvd.

My recommendation: I think this is an instructional you can skip, because the quality is a bit lower and it’s a small topic. I would only get this if you identify as a leg locker and want to learn this new entry (which is very popular right now).

False reap accusations craig jones cover

Learn the newest leg lock position from Craig Jones

Reap like Craig

Read the full review

Bonus: free Craig Jones instructional

Craig Jones also made a free instructional called the Pendejo guard. It’s related to the false reap position.

This mini instructional only lasts about 30 minutes, so it’s not a replacement for a full instructional. But it’s a fun little product if you want to get to know Craig a little better.

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Which Craig Jones instructionals are outdated?

Some Craig Jones instructionals are outdated. These are the ones that he did a long time ago and that were a lot smaller than what he makes now. In the table below you can see which instructionals are outdated and which ones to replace them with.

Outdated instructionalBetter alternative
The triangle machineSystematic submission dilemmas
Leglock defenseGet off my legs Gringo
Floating Z halfMake z guard great again
Battle testes down under leglocksMake z guard great again (for entries) / Systematic submission dilemmas (for finishing)
How to pass guard quickly and easilu using leg attacksPower top
Z guard encyclopediaMake z guard great again
Down under leg attacksMake z guard great again (for entries) / Systematic submission dilemmas (for finishing)

What makes Craig Jones a good teacher?

Craig Jones as an instructor has a unique skill set that makes him special:

  • Funny: he makes (lame) jokes now and then, which makes it way easier to keep paying attention. (He seems to be the only guy in BJJ that realises that entertainment is part of being a good teacher..)
  • To the point: Craig’s instructionals are a little shorter than others, and you should thank him for that. He doesn’t repeat himself for no reason and he stays on topic.
  • Great techniques: he corrects many details that are usually thought wrong, and he shares techniques that only he knows. As far as technical details I put him in the same league as John Danaher, Gordon Ryan and Lachlan Giles.

Which Craig Jones Instructional is about what?

Since Craig sometimes gives names that are funny but not descriptive, I made an overview of all Craig Jones’ instructionals and what they’re about.

Power RidePinning
Power TopPassing
Power BottomGuard & Wrestle ups
False Reap AccusationsThe false reap (a leg lock entry)
Make Z guard great againKnee shield half guard (not only z guard)
Mexican ground karate escapesEscapes from front headlock submissions (guillotines, d’arces, etc.)
Get off my legs GringoLeg lock defense
Anti-wrestling equationDifferences between BJJ and wrestling, how to take people down
Systematic submission dilemmasLeg lock finishing mechanics, triangles, combinations
Table: Which Craig Jones instructional is about what?

I want to learn x, which Craig Jones instructional covers it?

This overview shows the reverse of the previous one. Per topic that you might be interested in, what’s the best Craig Jones instructional for that topic?

TopicWhich instructional?
Leg lock finishing mechanicsSystematic submission dilemmas
Leg lock defenseGet off my legs Gringo
Guard passingPower top
Playing guardPower bottom, make z guard great again
Back attacksAnti-wrestling equation
Mount attacksSystematic submission dilemmas
Side control attacksSystematic submission dilemmas
Turtle defensePower bottom
Turtle offenseAnti-wrestling equation
TakedownsAnti-wrestling equation
Pin escapesNone yet
Table: Which topic is covered in which instructional(s)?

Best Craig Jones instructionals Combinations

Craig Jones basically has 2 styles now: leg locks, and wrestle-jitsu.

Leg locks are what he became famous with, and he’s still one of the best in the world at them. He’s broken many legs, and he typically enters his leg locks from

Wrestle-jitsu is what I call his new style, inspired by ADCC and his UFC coaching experience. It’s about not accepting bottom position, trying to keep people down that don’t accep bottom position, and takedowns.

If you want to buy multiple Craig Jones instructionals, or if you already have one and you want to add another that’s in the same style, I recommend the following combinations:

  • Wrestle-jitsu: Power bottom + Anti-wrestling equation + Mexican ground karate escapes + Power Ride
  • Leg locks: Make Z guard great again + Systematic submission dilemmas + Get off my legs gringo

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