Everything You Need to Know About ADCC 2024: The Biggest Grappling Tournament Ever

When it comes to the world of submission grappling, one name stands tall above the rest: ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club). Since its inception in 1998, the ADCC has been the gold standard for grappling tournaments, drawing the finest talents from around the globe. This year, ADCC 2024 promises more excitement, fierce competition, and memorable moments. Dive in with us as we unpack everything you need to know.

1. The History of ADCC

In 1998, Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a passionate jiu-jitsu enthusiast, envisioned a competition that would bring together the best grapplers from various disciplines. His vision became ADCC, a melting pot of styles, techniques, and competitors vying for the title of the world’s best. Over the years, the ADCC has solidified its reputation as the most prestigious submission grappling tournament, offering not just bragging rights but a genuine testament of skill and prowess.

2. ADCC 2024: Key Details

  • Date and Venue: Slated for August 15-18, the matches will unfold at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.
  • Weight Divisions: From the nimble -66kg fighters to the imposing +99kg warriors, ADCC 2024 features seven men’s and five women’s weight divisions.
  • Super Fight: This year’s super fight will pit Gordon Ryan against last year’s open weight champion Yuri Simoes.

4. Noteworthy Competitors to Watch

  • Returning Champions: Gordon Ryan, the kingpin of the grappling world, returns after his stellar performance in 2023.
  • Debut Stars: Young prodigy, Dorian Olivarez, after dominating the East Coast trials, is making his much-anticipated ADCC debut.

5. Tips for Spectators and Attendees

  • Tickets: Available on the official ADCC website, but act fast as they’re known to sell out quickly.
  • Understanding Matches: Brush up on the point system to appreciate the strategy behind each move.
  • Travel and Accommodation: Las Vegas offers a plethora of hotel options, but booking in advance ensures you get a spot close to the action.

6. How to Follow ADCC 2024 Online

  • Official Stream: FloGraplling offers HD streaming with expert commentary.
  • Social Media Buzz: Follow #ADCC2024 for real-time updates, behind-the-scenes action, and fan reactions.
  • Expert Analysis: BJJ Heroes and Grappling Insider are among the top sites offering in-depth post-match analysis.


From Royler Gracie vs. Eddie Bravo in 2003 to the epic battles of recent years, ADCC has given us countless unforgettable moments. As ADCC 2024 approaches, we stand on the brink of witnessing history, yet again. So, mark your calendars, prep your viewing parties, and immerse yourself in the world of elite grappling.

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