Review: The Daisy Fresh Curriculum – White Belt by Heath Pedigo

The Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White Belt is a comprehensive instructional series created by the head coach of the Daisy Fresh crew, Heath Pedigo. The idea of this curriculum is to give white belts a broad overview so they have skills in every aspect of the game (guard, passing, takedowns, submissions and escapes). Let’s review whether the Daisy Fresh White Belt curriculum delivers on that promise.

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Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White BeltHeath Pedigo9 hours2023Purchase Here

TLDR: It’s good, it covers necessary basics, compared to other white belt curriculums it’s heavy on submission skills, Heath is a great guy.

What is Daisy Fresh?

Daisy Fresh is a unique facet of the BJJ community that’s caught significant attention in the martial arts world. More than just a gym, Daisy Fresh is a living testament to dedication, resilience, and the sheer passion for BJJ. Nestled within a laundromat in Mount Vernon, Illinois, it symbolizes the journey of a tightly-knit crew relentlessly pursuing their dreams in the world of martial arts.

Who is Heath Pedigo?

At the helm of Daisy Fresh is Heath Pedigo, a well-respected figure in the BJJ community. Heath, as a grappling coach, is recognized for developing talent. His commitment to building champions in a ‘BJJ desert’ forms the foundation of Daisy Fresh’s success in national and international competitions.

The Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White Belt – A Closer Look

The Daisy Fresh Curriculum: White Belt is a masterclass in BJJ basics, created by Heath Pedigo himself. It’s a 9-hour long instructional, neatly divided into four distinct stripes. Each stripe delves into a unique element of BJJ, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of this martial art’s foundational aspects.

First stripe

The first stripe predominantly focuses on closed guard – techniques to get to closed guard, methods to sweep to mount, take the back and perform the choke.

Second stripe

The second stripe shifts attention to fundamental takedowns and the top game.

Third stripe

The third stripe explores open guard techniques and top position submissions.

Fourth stripe

Finally, the fourth stripe guides learners through submissions from the bottom and strategies for submission defense.

Overall review

The Daisy Fresh White Belt Curriculum, while covering the basics, carries a strong emphasis on submissions.

While some might expect more content on escapes or passing, this focus aligns well with Pedigo’s teaching style, highlighting the essence of BJJ – submissions.

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