Best BJJ Gi for Short & Big Guys | 4 Fat Gis

Are you a big guy who loves Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? If so, you know that finding a gi that fits can be a challenge. Most gis are designed for smaller guys and girls and don’t take into account the unique needs of big guys. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best BJJ gis for big guys.

Affordable A6 BJJ gi

Fuji BJJ Uniform

The FUJI BJJ Uniform is the most affordable BJJ gi that’s available in A6. FUJI gi’s also fit a little looser than other brands. So if you’re so big that you need an A6 gi, and you just want any basic gi, this is your best pick.

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Best for big guys

Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave the best BJJ gi for most big guys. It’s premium quality for an affordable price. It comes in A4 and A5 (perfect for most big guys), and A0H, A1H, A2H and A3H which fits short, muscular, fat and stocky guys.

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Best A6 BJJ gi

Origin Everest

Origin BJJ gi for big guys (available in A5 and A6)

The Origin Everest is the best A6 BJJ gi. It’s from the USA-based premium quality Origin brand (which makes all its gis available in A5 and A6 for big guys). So if you’re huge enough to need an A6 gi, this is the best one.

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Attention: I’m talking about BJJ gis for big guys here, not tall guys. If you’re tall but not broad, please reference my other post: the best BJJ gi for tall and skinny guys.

big guy gi

You are a big guy, but how?

Depending on what kind of big guy you are you need to get a different BJJ gi size. Because being fat, having wide shoulders, and just being very large overall are not the same.

BJJ gi sizeMaximum heightMaximum weightComparable sizeBody typeGI recommendation
A0H5’4”170 lbsXS (loose fit)Stocky / Muscular / Fat / Very shortThe Gold BJJ Aeroweaeve (shop this gi)
A1H5’8”190 lbsS (loose fit)Stocky / Muscular / Fat / ShortThe Gold BJJ Aeroweaeve (shop this gi)
A2H5’11”225 lbsM (loose fit)Stocky / Muscular / Fat / ShortThe Gold BJJ Aeroweaeve (shop this gi)
A3H6’2”250 lbsL (loose fit)Stocky / Muscular / Fat / ShortThe Gold BJJ Aeroweaeve (shop this gi)
A46’4”250 lbsXLBigThe Gold BJJ Aeroweaeve (shop this gi)
A56’4”275 lbsXXlBigThe Gold BJJ Aeroweaeve (shop this gi)
A66’6”300 lbsXXXlBigOrigin Everest (shop this gi)
Table: Explanation of BJJ gi sizes for bug guys, which gi size fits which height, weight, blothing size and body type?

I’m big overall

If you’re a generally big guy, you should pick a big gi size, such as A4 (up to 6’4’’ and 250lbs), A5 (up to 6’4’’ and  275lbs) or even A6 (up to 300lbs and 6’6’’). Most gis these days are available in A4 and A5, but if you need an A6 gi you have less options.

I’m very muscular, stocky or husky for my height

If you’re very muscular, stocky or husky for your height you should probably get an A2H or A3H gi. The ‘H’ stands for heavy or husky. These gi’s give you more room for your broad shoulders and big torso and arms. More and more gis these days are available in these sizes.

I’m fat

If you’re fat you should also take an ‘H’ sized gi, which gives your torso more space to be. Now, if your belly really sticks out, you might have to search a bit more to find a BJJ gi that looks very good on you (because the ‘H’ gi’s give you more space for both your belly and your general torso). I notice that most fat guys wear Fuji and Origin gi’s, so you can look into those.

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GI Size Calculator

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Top 4 best BJJ gi for Big guys

1. Best BJJ Gi for short fat guys: GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave is my favorite BJJ gi of all time and it comes in A2H and A3H. So if you’re a big guy but you’re not super tall (i.e. short, muscular, fat or stocky), I recommend this gi above all others.

And it also comes in A4 and A5, so if you’re a big guy (but not gigantic), I also recommend this gi.

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2. Best A6 BJJ gi for Really big guys: Origin Everest

Origin BJJ gi for big guys (available in A5 and A6)

The Origin Everest is one of Origin’s best selling gis and it’s available in A5 (XXL) and A6 (XXXL).

It’s a little more expensive but you get a great looking gi for it that will last you very long.

If you’re huge and you need an A6 gi, I recommend this one.

3. Best Affordable A6 BJJ gi for really Big guys: Fuji BJJ Uniform

The Fuji BJJ Uniform is a great option if you’re very big overall and you want a basic gi.

This gi is probably the cheapest BJJ gi that’s available in A6.

I’ve had it multiple times and it’s solid, nothing special. 

4. Best Budget BJJ gi for short and heavy guys: Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials is my favorite budget gi.

It comes in A4 (Sanabul calls this size just ‘4’), and according to the Sanabul size chart you fit in this gi if you’re up to 6’5’’ and 270lbs.

So if you fit in that range this is a great budget option for you.

Which BJJ Gi Should I Buy?

Let me recommend you a gi based on your answers to 3 questions.

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My top picks for: Beginner gis | Premium gis | Gi brands | Cheap gis | Lightweight gis | Gis for skinny guys | Gis for big guys | Durable gis

What’s the best BJJ gi brand for big guys?

The best BJJ gi brands for big guys are Fuji and Origin. These brands make their gi’s available in the A6 size. If you fit in an A5 you can use almost all BJJ brands because they all usually offer their gis in A5. (Oh and there’s a Canadian brand called Gorilla Gear that specializes in plus sized BJJ gis.)

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1 bonus option for guys with broad shoulders

One last thing you can consider if you’re a guy with a very broad frame is to get a judo gi. Judo gis are much looser fitting. And no, this isn’t because all judo guys have wide shoulders (although they do). It’s because in Judo they want to make it easier to grab each other to promote attack oriented Judo.

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What is the largest gi size?

The largest BJJ gi size is A6 (which fits people of up to 300lbs and 6’6’’). But the largest gi size that most BJJ gis are available in is A5 (which fits people of up to 6’4’’ and 275 lbs).

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