About Us

BJJMore.com was created to provide more structure to the online learning experience of BJJ players all around the world.

Photo of me in a local tournament
Me (on bottom) in a tournament

Welcome! My name is Max van den Broek, I’m a purple belt at BJJ (I started training in 2014) and I am also a teacher at the University of Amsterdam. Truth be told, I spend way more time on training and studying BJJ than I do on my actual job.

I created this website because I believe that the learning experience of most BJJ students can be greatly enhanced by making it more structured.

We live in an age of information abundance – there’s more free BJJ videos out there now than there were even 10 minutes ago. But, this ever growing pile of content is not at all structured. The other day I searched for tips on side control escapes, clicked on a half guard sweep, then a cross choke detail by Roger Gracie, then 10 other things – and I obviously forgot to practice my side control escape that evening at training.

As a teacher at the University of Amsterdam I know that structure facilitates and speeds up learning incredibly. I think that some of the newer DVD instructionals like those on BJJFanatics and JiuJitsuX are very helpful for this – but I think we can do more.

My goal for BJJMore.com is to help create a more structured learning experience for students of BJJ. I’ll do this by:

  • Complete overviews, so that you’ll see the contours of the big BJJ puzzle, before you start filing in all the small details (for example: my posts on all BJJ submissions and all arm bar variations)
  • YouTube playlists, that collect many videos on a similar topic. I think of these as free mini DVD instructionals. (For example: my grip fighting strategies playlist.)
  • Guides that are better consumed in text format than as video. I really like YouTube, but some topics are better to be read, such as very large topics and buying guides. (For example: my BJJ Technique Hub and mouthguard buying guide.)

I really hope this website helps you in your BJJ journey.

Max van den Broek

Founder of BJJMore.com