About Us

Hi there! I’m Max van den Broek, a brown belt who trains at Checkmat Amsterdam and a teacher at the University of Amsterdam in Artificial Intelligence.

Image: Me getting promoted to brown belt by my coaches Roos, Remo and Kiren (2021)

I created BJJMore.com with the mission to:

  • help more people find Brazilian jiu jitsu and its benefits;
  • help people train more by staying in the sport longer;
  • help people improve more during their BJJ training.
Photo of me in a local tournament
Me (on bottom) in a tournament back in the days

The idea behind is that the more BJJ there is in the world, the better.

To further the expansion of BJJ in these 3 ways, I try to write articles for a mixed audience. Some of my articles are hopefully interesting even to Brazilian jiu jitsu black belts, while other articles are aimed at people who are curious about BJJ but have never even trained.

For example, some articles that I wrote for complete beginners in jiu jitsu BJJ vs Judo and Gi vs No Gi BJJ: What’s the Difference. And some articles that I wrote for people who already do BJJ are my best BJJ submissions tier list, my big list of all BJJ submissions and the BJJ technique hub that I’m continually building out (and that I should honestly work on more…).

I write new content regularly so I hope you come back to check out my new articles as they release. In the meantime I encourage you to browse my guides.

Thank you for coming and welcome to the site!

Max van den Broek

Founder of BJJMore.com

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