Get better at BJJ with our courses

We offer 2 main lines of courses that will help you get better at BJJ much faster: the Get better Faster courses and the Find your Way courses.

The Get Better Faster Courses

Our Get Better Faster courses help you accelerate your learning process in BJJ with tons of practical tips you can’t get anywhere else.

For newbies

From White Belt to Wise cover

From White Belt to Wise is our starter guide for beginning white belts where you learn the definitions to 137 essential BJJ terms.

This course goes together very well with Blue Belt in 1 Day, but don’t know the definitions yet of terms like ‘reverse de la riva guard’, ‘torreando pass’ and ‘Anaconda choke’, or cultural terms like ‘oss’.

  • 137 BJJ terms and definitions
  • Includes all techniques discussed in Blue Belt in 1 Day
  • Also cultural terms and memes
  • Gain confidence on the mat

Best Seller

blue belt in 1 day cover

Blue Belt in 1 Day is our main beginner program where you learn everything you need to know to become a blue belt in BJJ.

In this course you learn which techniques work for beginners, and which ones don’t. You also get practical checklists and an impossible-to-forget game plan to start winning your first matches.

  • 7 tips to learn BJJ faster
  • Guide to which techniques work for beginners
  • Practical checklists
  • Beginner game plan

Value Bundle

Black Belt Ambition is our bundle program where you learn how to speed up your BJJ progress in every way possible, on and off the mat.

This program is for those students who want to do everything possible to get better faster. It includes White Belt to Wise and Blue Belt in 1 Day, and all our other courses, which will help you:

  • Improve while off the mat
  • Learn the strategies of the greatest grapplers ever
  • Track your skills methodically
  • Discover your unique grappling

The Find Your Way Courses

The Find your Way courses help you discover your own path in BJJ through psychological analysis, studying examples of famous grapplers and deep diving on your own BJJ profile. All of these courses are included in the Black belt Ambition bundle program, and we recommend you get that bundle so you can fully discover your true grappling self.

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