Best BJJ Gi: Take the Test! (Top 39 BJJ Gis)

I write a lot about BJJ gis and I can tell you one thing: what’s the best BJJ gi for you completely depends on what you need. Jiu jitsu gis differ in size, price, design, quality and you have to make a decision on what you care about. That’s why I’ll explain what the top 39 best BJJ gis are (that’s a top 3 for 13 categories), and you can take my short test to quickly find the best BJJ gi for you.

Best budget


The Sanabul Essentials is a very good gi for its price. This is the cheapest gi you can get that’s still good.

Read the Sanabul review

Best Overall

Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave gi is the lighest BJJ gi ever made. It’s strong, breathable and comfortable.

Read the Aeroweave review


Origin DNA Atleta

The origin White Comp DNA Atleta gi (A2l BJJ gi)

The Origin Comp DNA Atleta is a very high quality gi. It’s made in America by Jocko Willink himself.

Read the Origin review


best bjj gi

Top 3 best BJJ gis Overall

You asked what’s the best BJJ gi? As I said it depends on what you want, so I’ll go into more details later. But here’s my general top 3 list for the best gis for BJJ. (You’ll see these come back in the different categories later as well.)

1. GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave is my favorite BJJ gi of all time.

It’s 270 grams per square meter, which is ultra light. In fact it’s 22% lighter than other lightweight gis, and 40% lighter than normal gis.

What’s awesome about lightweight gis is that they cool you off much better during training, which makes a big impact on your cardio (because nothing slows you down like overheating).

Lightweight gis are also much more comfortable.

And you’ll thank yourself for getting a light gi when you need to make weight for your next competition.

The Aeroweave is also very strong and durable due to reinforced stitching.

I basically consider this to be one of the most premium BJJ gis ever made, and it’s really still very affordable.

That’s why I recommend this gi to everyone.

2. Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials gi is the best selling BJJ gi on Amazon and has been for a few years.

It’s hugely popular, especially among beginners and white belts. I dare to place a pretty high bet that multiple white belts at your gym train in this gi (and a few colored belts as well).

The reason for its popularity is simple: it’s extremely cheap and still good quality. (It’s not the absolute cheapest option, but it’s by far better value than the even cheaper ones.)

I recommend this gi highly to all beginners, and I don’t blame colored belts who get it either. It’s just great value for the money.

3. Origin Comp DNA Atleta

The origin White Comp DNA Atleta gi (A2l BJJ gi)

The Origin comp DNA Atleta is a gi from a premium BJJ gi brand that’s quickly becoming more popular.

Jocko Willink, a retired Navy Seal, is the public figure for Origin. You may have heard about him. He is the guy from ‘Discipline = Freedom’ and the ‘Good’ motivational speech.

Origin stands for quality above all. All their gis are made in America.

The Comp DNA Atleta is Origin’s most popular gi to date. It’s a light, slim and strong competition gi of the highest quality.

Let’s find the best BJJ gi for you (Take the test!)

To find the best BJJ gi for you I need to ask you a few personal questions…

Don’t worry, it’s not about your love life. But I do need to know about your body type, your financial fire power and your hopes and dreams. Is that ok?

Nice! Let’s get started then.

The simple method to find the best BJJ gi for you

I made a simple test to find the best BJJ gi for you. It consists of only 3 questions. I estimate that this quiz is enough to find the best BJJ gi for ~80% of people. So let’s start with this test.

Test: Which BJJ Gi Should I Buy?

Let me recommend you a gi based on your answers to 3 questions.

My top picks for: Beginner gis | Premium gis | Gi brands | Cheap gis | Lightweight gis | Gis for skinny guys | Gis for big guys | Durable gis

Did the test help you find a good gi? It might have, because for most people these 3 considerations are enough to make an educated choice.

But, if you want take this search a little deeper, we can do it!

Let’s talk about what the best Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is for people in a few different categories, or go to the top of the page to easily find the category you’re interested in.

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The best BJJ gi brands

Before I tell you what the best BJJ gi is for who I want to make a general remark about brands. There are a few gi brands that you’ll see again and again in my lists, because they make great products. My 3 favorite BJJ gi brands are:

Best budget


Sanabul bjj gi brand logo

Sanabul offers the best budget BJJ gi brand because they offer decent quality for a great price. Their Essentials gi is the most popular BJJ gi among beginners. They recently launched various other gi models for more advanced BJJ practitioners.

Go to their Amazon store

Best Overall

Gold BJJ

gold bjj gi brand logo

Gold BJJ is my favorite BJJ gi brand because they offer premium quality for an affordable price. They became famous for their Aeroweave gi which is the lighest BJJ gi ever made. Now they expanded their line with various other high quality gis

Go to their Amazon store

Best premium


origin bjj gi brand logo

Origin is my favorite premium BJJ gi brand. It is co-owned by Jocko Willink, a famous retired Navy seal. Origin is a ‘quality above all’ kind of brand, but not outrageously expensive. Their most popular gi at the moment is their competition DNA Atleta gi.

Go to the OriginMaine store

Other brands that you’ll see me mentioned repeatedly are Fuji, Tatami, Shogun, Elite Sports, Venum and a few others.

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The best BJJ gi for beginners

A beginner at BJJ needs one gi that’s good enough. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a gi as a beginner, but you also shouldn’t blindly buy the cheapest option you see. Here’s my 3 picks for beginners:

Premium Beginner

Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is my all time favorite BJJ gi. I’ll admit that it’s a little on the high end side for a beginner. BUT if you already know that you want to keep doing jiu jitsu for a while, I think it makes sense to invest in a great BJJ gi and get one that will last you at least 2 years.

best beginner gi

Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials is the best BJJ gi for beginners. It’s also the most popular one by far – if you look around in your gym I bet you’ll see multiple white belts wear it. It’s just a great beginner gi because it’s very cheap, and although it’s thin, the quality is still solid (it will last you more than a year).

Basic BJJ Uniform

Fuji Uniform

The Fuji BJJ Uniform is another great beginners gi. It’s ‘normal thickness’ for a BJJ gi, which makes it stronger than the Sanabul Essentials. This Fuji BJJ Uniform has been around forever (I actually bought this as my second gi back in the day) and is all a beginner needs.

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The Best BJJ gi for Competition

Competition is a whole ‘nother ball game. You need a gi that’s very strong, but also a light if you’re cutting weight, and those 2 things contradict each other a little bit. Here’s the 3 gis that I think best solve this dilemma:

Lightest gi

Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is a strong ultra light gi (275 gsm, that’s 22% lighter than normal lightweight gis of 350 gsm). This is ideal if you have to cut weight for your BJJ competition.

best competition gi

Origin Comp DNA Atleta

origin DNA Atleta - the best bjj competition gi

The Origin Comp DNA Atleta is Origin’s competition gi. It’s slim fit, relatively lightweight and extremely strong. This makes it the perferct competition gi for BJJ.

First Competition gi

Sanabul Core Competition gi

The Sanabul Core Competition gi is a great gi for your first BJJ competition. It’s stronger than Sanabul’s Essentials model but compared to other competition gis it’s still very affordable.

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The Best Premium BJJ gi

If you have some money to spend you can get a really nice BJJ gi nowadays. From a premium BJJ gi you can expect that it’s more durable, comfortable, breathable, stronger and better looking. My top 3 picks for premium gis are:

Most Premium

Origin DNA Atleta

The origin White Comp DNA Atleta gi (A2l BJJ gi)

Origin is known for producing the highest quality BJJ gis that are also made in America. This competition gi, the DNA Atleta, is their most popular model.

Ultra Light

Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is a premium BJJ gi for an affordable price. It’s very lightweight and comfortable, and at the same time strong and durable.

Best looking

Shogun Tao

Shogun makes BJJ gis with beautiful Samurai inspired artwork on the inside. In the image you see the ‘Tao’, but you should browse their other designs too.

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The Best Cheap BJJ gi

Do you just need any BJJ gi for what little money you have? No worries, life’s like that sometimes. Here’s my top 3 options for cheap BJJ gis:

Cheapest BJJ Gi

Jayefo Gi

The Jayefo gi is the cheapest BJJ gi. That said, I would not buy it unless you really have to. I think the Sanabul Essentials is much better quality for just a few bucks extra.

Best Budget BJJ Gi

Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials is my favorite budget BJJ gi. It’s very good quality for how cheap it is, and it lasts just as long as some other more expensive gis that I had.

Best Value BJJ Gi

GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave is ultra light, strong and comfortable, and still pretty affordable. It’s actually my favorite gi of all time and I think it’s also the best value for your money.

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The Best BJJ gi for guys that are big, short, stocky, muscular or fat

Are you a huge person? Only horizontally or in every dimension? It doesn’t matter, here’s my top 3 picks for guys that are big or stocky:

Affordable A6 BJJ gi

Fuji BJJ Uniform

The FUJI BJJ Uniform is the most affordable BJJ gi that’s available in A6. FUJI gi’s also fit a little looser than other brands. So if you’re so big that you need an A6 gi, and you just want any basic gi, this is your best pick.

Best for big guys

Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave the best BJJ gi for most big guys. It’s premium quality for an affordable price. It comes in A4 and A5 (perfect for most big guys), and A0H, A1H, A2H and A3H which fits short, muscular, fat and stocky guys.

Best A6 BJJ gi

Origin Everest

Origin BJJ gi for big guys (available in A5 and A6)

The Origin Everest is the best A6 BJJ gi. It’s from the USA-based premium quality Origin brand (which makes all its gis available in A5 and A6 for big guys). So if you’re huge enough to need an A6 gi, this is the best one.

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The best BJJ gi for skinny, tall and lanky guys

Are you tall and skinny? So am I! (I’m Dutch, so it’s cultural heritage.) It can be harder to find a gi if you’re lanky, but here’s my 3 favorite gis that either come in special ‘L’ (long) or even XL sizes.

Best for Taller and skinnier guys

Origin DNA Comp

The origin White Comp DNA Atleta gi (A2l BJJ gi)

The Origin Comp DNA Atleta is available in A2L and A3L, and because it’s a competition gi it’s a slim fit cut. So this is a great option if you’re still a little too skinnt or tall for normal A2L and A3L BJJ gi’s.

Best for Tall and skinny guys

GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave is available in A2L and A3L which is enough for most tall and skinny guys. It’s a premium quality gi for a very affordable price, so I think it’s the best buy for most tall guys.

Best for The Tallest guys

Tatami Competitor

tallest BJJ gi

The Tatami Competitor gi is the best BJJ gi for the tallest and skinniest among us. It’s available in A2XL and A3XL (‘extra long’) and it’s a competition gi which means it’s more slim fit.

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The best lightweight BJJ gis

Lightweight gis are my favorite. They’re super comfortable and breathable, which helps you cool off. I feel like I lose 20% of my cardio when I don’t wear a lightweight gi because I overheat (especially in summer). And here’s my top 3 best lightweight BJJ gis:

budget light

Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials is a great budget gi. Sanabul can make this gi so cheap because it’s quite thin (that’s how they save costs). But the unexpected upside of this is that it’s also a great lightweight gi for hot weather. It’s a win win!

Ultra Light

Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is the lightest BJJ gi ever made (275 gsm compared to 350 gsm) and due to the reinforced stiching it’s a lot stronger than the cheaper lightweight gis. And because it’s relatively affordable I always recommend it.


Fuji Suparaito

The Fuji Suparaito is a lightweight gi of 350 gsm (grams per square meter). It’s one of the most popular lightweight BJJ gis, and I’ve heard people say it’s more breathable than other lightweight models, but I can’t really tell the difference.

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The most durable (heavy) BJJ gis

Heavy gis are super strong and durable. And they’re warmer which is nice when you train BJJ in winter. Here’s my 3 picks for heavyweight BJJ gis:

Built to last

Origin The Path

origin the path durable bjj gi

Origin gis are built in America, built to last. They pride themselves on delivering top notch quality. And ‘The Path’ is their strongest BJJ gi due to a unique weave technique.


Gold BJJ Valiant

The Gold BJJ Valiant is a durable medium heavyweight BJJ gi. It’s 550 gsm, which is the heaviest gi I still consider practical for BJJ. So I think this is the most durable ‘real’ BJJ gi.

Ultra Heavyweight

Tatami The Tank

Tatami the tank heavyweight bjj gi

The Tatami ‘The Tank’ is 950 gsm which is ridiculously heavy for BJJ (it’s better for Judo). I don’t recommend you buy such a heavy gi because it’s stiff and limits your movement, but if you really want the most durable gi, this is it.

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The best women’s BJJ gis

When I started Brazilian jiu jitsu women trained in A0 men’s gis… Fortunately, there’s plenty of real women’s BJJ gis available now. Here’s my top 3 picks:


Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials BJJ gi for women is the cheapest women’s gi that’s still good enough quality. It’s a great option for when you’re just starting with Brazilian jiu jitsu or are on a tight budget.

Best women’s gi

GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is my favorite BJJ gi because it’s an affordable, high quality lightweight women’s gi. It’s available in a separate women’s cut and it’s very comfortable.

more Durable

GoldBJJ Foundation

The Gold BJJ Foundation women’s gi is a new addition from Gold BJJ. It’s equally high quality as the Aeroweave but it’s medium weight, which makes it more durable and a great all around gi.

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The best BJJ gis for kids

Does your kid do jiu jitsu? I’m so jealous! My baby is 6 months old and he hates the baby gi I got him… Anyway, here’s my 3 picks for the best BJJ gis for kids:


Jayefo kids gi

I’ll mention the Jayefo Kids gi because it’s the cheapest kids gi, but I think Elite Sports gi is more value for the money.

Best quality

Fuji kids gi

The Fuji Kids BJJ Uniform is strong and durable. It’s a great gi if your kids are serious about jiu jitsu.

first Time buy

Elite Sports kids

The Elite sports kids BJJ gi is a great first gi for your kids. It’s very affordable and good quality for its price.

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The best BJJ gi on Amazon

Do you want to buy a BJJ gi on Amazon? I get it, it’s so convenient. And you can do it too, no problem. Here’s my top 3 best gis for BJJ on Amazon:


Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials is the all time best selling BJJ gi on Amazon. The reason is simple: it’s super cheap, and still decent quality.


Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is a perpetual best seller on Amazon. It’s a super comfortable lightweight gi of premium quality.

Mid range

Fuji BJJ Uniform

The Fuji BJJ Uniform is a solid mid range BJJ gi that’s available on Amazon. It’s stronger than the Sanabul but still very affordable.

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What to look out for in a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi?

When it comes to purchasing a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi, there are several things to consider. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Size: One of the most important things to look for is the right size. If the gi is too small or too big, it can affect your ability to move comfortably and perform techniques effectively.
  2. Comfort: Comfort is key when it comes to your gi. Look for gis that are made of soft, breathable materials that allow for a full range of movement.
  3. Brand: Choosing a reputable brand can give you some assurance about the quality of the gi you’re purchasing. Look for brands that are well-known in the BJJ gear market.
  4. Weave: Gis come in different weaves, which refers to the type of material and how it’s woven. Single weave is the lightest and least expensive, while gold weave is heavier and more durable. You could even combine a gold weave jacket with single weave cotton pants for a combination of durability and lightness.
  5. Fit: Different gis will fit differently, so it’s important to try them on and find one that fits well. The sleeves and pants should be the right length, and the collar should fit snugly without being too tight.
  6. Cost: Gis can vary in price, and some can be quite expensive. It’s important to find a gi that fits your budget while still meeting your needs.
  7. Fashion: Some people prefer a more minimalistic design, while others like a gi with more flair. Try on different gis and see which one feels right for you.

Overall, when shopping for a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi, it’s important to take some time to do your research and find something that meets your needs and preferences. With so many options on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect gi for you.

BJJ Gi Buyer’s Guide: Frequently Asked questions

By now I hope you know which BJJ gi you want to buy. But you still may have some extra questions, which I answer below.

What BJJ gi should I buy?

What BJJ gi you should buy depends on your needs. If you want a really good BJJ gi that’s pretty affordable, I recommend the Gold BJJ Aeroweave. If you want a very high quality gi I recommend an Origin gi. And if you want any gi that’s good enough I recommend the Sanabul Essentials.

How much does a good jiu jitsu gi cost?

A good jiu jitsu gi costs around $100. You can get a good enough jiu jitsu gi for around $60, and you can get a really good BJJ gi for $120.

How do you pick a jiu jitsu gi?

To pick a jiu jitsu gi you ask yourself what you want from the gi. Do you want a lightweight or heavyweight gi, which color do you want, is it for training and competition, which size, and so on. Once you know what you want it’s easy to choose the right gi for you.

What makes a gi good?

What makes a gi good is the quality of the material, the weave, the reinforced stitching and the design. A good BJJ uses more or stronger material and extra stitching in important areas to become more durable. And a good gi will look better (you’ll know this when you see it).

Which color should my BJJ gi be?

color gi

Your first BJJ gi should be white, and your gis after that can be of different colors/ Note that the color of a BJJ gi actually has no formal meaning (unlike belt color), so you can get whichever you like. BUT, some gis only allow white gis, and most tournaments only allow white, blue and black gis.
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How do I know my gi size?

BJJ Gi Size Guide

You know your BJJ gi size because you read the gi size chart of the gi you’re going to buy. It’s important to read exactly that chart, because the charts can differ a little bit across different gi brands and models. And if you want a general indication of your gi size you can use my gi size calculator.
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How should a BJJ gi fit?

A BJJ gi should fit comfortably. The sleeves and pants should be within 2 inches distance of your wrists and ankles. It should fit tight enough to not be baggy, but it shouldn’t impede your movement while you do jiu jitsu movements.
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Can I use a Judo gi for BJJ?

Yes, you can use a judo gi for BJJ. But it’s not ideal, because judo gis are made different. They’re heavier and more loose fitting, which is great for standup but worse for on the ground.
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Can I use a karate gi for BJJ?

No, you can’t use a karate gi for BJJ. Karate gis are too thin for grappling sports (as they should be because in Karate you have to be as fast as possible). You need a real BJJ gi for BJJ.
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What do you wear under a gi?

You can wear a T-shirt or rash guard under your gi, or you can choose to wear nothing under your gi. Some tournaments actually require that you don’t wear anything under your gi.

How long does a BJj gi last?

A BJJ lasts about 1 to 3 years, depending on its quality, how often you wear it and how you wash it. It lasts longer if you get a thicker or more premium gi and wash it on a low temperature and hang dry it.

Can a white belt wear a black gi?

Yes, a white belt can wear a black gi. The gi color actually doesn’t mean anything in BJJ, so it’s not like only black belts can wear black gis.

Can a white belt wear a blue gi?

Yes, a white belt can wear a blue gi in BJJ. BJJ doesn’t attach any meaning to the color of the gi, only to the color of the belt.

Do I need to buy my own gi for BJJ?

Yes, eventually you need to buy your own gi for BJJ. But if you’re just taking a trial class you can usually borrow a gi at the academy, or train for once in normal sports clothes.

How many BJJ gis should I own?

You should own 1, 2 or 3 gis depending on how often you train and your climate. If you train multiple days in a row you need more than 1 gi because you need time to wash your gi in between classes. And if you live in a cold climate it takes more than 1 day to hang dry your gi, so then you need 3 gis or more.

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