Best Women’s BJJ Gi 🙋‍♀️ | 7 Jiu Jitsu Gis for Her

When I started BJJ, most women bought an A0 men’s gi… Fortunately, those days are behind us. Most jiu jitsu brands now offer separate women’s gis, and in this post I’ll share some of the best women’s BJJ gis with you.


Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials BJJ gi for women is the cheapest women’s gi that’s still good enough quality. It’s a great option for when you’re just starting with Brazilian jiu jitsu or are on a tight budget.

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Best women’s gi

GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is my favorite BJJ gi because it’s an affordable, high quality lightweight women’s gi. It’s available in a separate women’s cut and it’s very comfortable.

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more Durable

GoldBJJ Foundation

The Gold BJJ Foundation women’s gi is a new addition from Gold BJJ. It’s equally high quality as the Aeroweave but it’s medium weight, which makes it more durable and a great all around gi.

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women gi

do I need a womens BJJ gi?

Some women train BJJ in men’s gis, and that’s kind of fine. But it’s generally better if you get a womens BJJ gi, for two reasons:

womens anatomy vs mens anatomy

Anatomy: Female and male bodies differ obviously, so a womens gi will fit you better. For example, if you get a mens gi, probably the sleeves are way too long for you (and of course the hip and groin areas won’t fit nicely).

Body size: if you’re a below average sized woman, even an A0 mens gi is too big for you, so you have no choice but to get a womens BJJ gi.

What are the best womens BJJ gi brands?

Most major brands nowadays make separate BJJ gis for women and men. So you’ll see women’s cut gis from brands like Gold BJJ, Sanabul, Kingz, Fuji, Tatami, Hayabusa, and so forth.

One brand that stands out in supporting female BJJ athletes is Atama. Atama sponsors Mackenzie Dern, Kyra Gracie (pictures below) and many more women in BJJ.

And I know one brand that specializes in BJJ gis for women: Fenom. They make gis exclusively for women and have many different sizes available.

Female BJJ athlete mackenzie dern in an Atama BJJ gi
Female BJJ athlete Kyra Gracie in a pink Atama BJJ gi

The Best Womens BJJ Gis

1. Gold BJJ Aeroweave (for women)

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave is my favorite BJJ gi of all time, and it comes in a separate women’s cut.

What I love about this gi is that it’s ultra lightweight, strong and affordable.

I strongly recommend this gi to anyone that does BJJ, male or female. And if you’re looking for a lightweight women’s gi then this is definitely your best choice.

2. Gold BJJ Foundation Women’s gi

The Gold BJJ Foundation Women’s gi is a new addition from Gold BJJ.

It’s thicker than their Aeroweave model. At 450 grams per square meter it’s a normal thickness for BJJ gis nowadays.

3. Sanabul Essential Women’s gi

The Sanabul Essential Women’s Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is the best budget BJJ gi for women.

What I like a lot about the Sanabul Essentials model is that it’s very cheap but still solid enough quality (it should easily last you more than 1 year).

And as a bonus the women’s cut has button closure so that your lapels stay close together.

Tip: Also check out the ladies BJJ gi sales page from tatami to browse discounted gis (visit the Tatami ladies BJJ gi sales page)

4. Elite Sports Women’s gi

The Elite Sports Women’s BJJ gi is another good budget option.

It’s similar to the Sanabul Essentials model in that it’s very cheap but decent quality.

For men I like the Sanabul gi better than the Elite sports gi because it looks a little more classic.

But for the women’s cuts, Sanabul has their logo in green on the white gi, which I like less. So if I were a woman I think I might try out the white gi from Elite Sports.

5. Jayefo Men’s and Women’s BJJ gi

The Jayefo’s men’s and women’s BJJ gi is supposed to be an unisex BJJ gi..

Personally I don’t really believe in this. I think that if you do 2 things at the same time, you end up doing both badly.

But, I have to mention this gi because it’s the cheapest BJJ gi on Amazon. So if you’re not that serious about BJJ yet, you can consider this one (although I still recommend the Sanabul gi over this one, because it’s not much more expensive and it’s a lot better.)

6. Tatami Nova Ladies BJJ gi

Woman in Tatami ladies gi

The Tatami Ladies Nova Absolute is the Tatami womens gi for beginners in BJJ.

I got the Tatami Nova as my first gi (not the ladies edition), and I recently got an extra one just because it’s a good quality gi for an affordable price.

I still think most BJJ players don’t need much more than this gi.

7. Atama Classic Women’s gi

I’ll shout out one Atama gi because they sponsor many female BJJ athletes.

Their classic women’s gi is basic and good quality. It’s exactly what it says, a classic gi.


What do women wear under their BJJ gi?

Most women wear a rashguard under their BJJ gi, or a sports bra. You can also wear a T-shirt under your kimono.

Where can I find a female BJJ gi size chart?

Every brand, and in fact every gi model of every brand, has a different size chart. This size chart is always published on the sales page of that gi, and you should always look at it to make sure that this gi fits you well.

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