Best BJJ Gi on Amazon – Top 5 from a Brown Belt

A few years ago you couldn’t really buy a good BJJ gi on Amazon, but now you can.

Most of the sellers there are budget brands, but there are also some mid range and premium sellers.

So you can go ahead and pick the best BJJ gi on Amazon in the price class that you’re shopping in from my list below.


Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials is the all time best selling BJJ gi on Amazon. The reason is simple: it’s super cheap, and still decent quality.

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Gold BJJ Aeroweave

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is a perpetual best seller on Amazon. It’s a super comfortable lightweight gi of premium quality.

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Mid range

Fuji BJJ Uniform

The Fuji BJJ Uniform is a solid mid range BJJ gi that’s available on Amazon. It’s stronger than the Sanabul but still very affordable.

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The Best BJJ Gi on Amazon

Nowadays there are multiple good BJJ gis for sale on Amazon. In the list below I’ll discuss some of the best sellers and what I personally think is the best BJJ gi on Amazon.

1Sanabul Essentials (shop this gi on Amazon)Fuji BJJ Uniform (shop this gi on Amazon)Gold BJJ Aeroweave (shop this gi on Amazon)
2Elite Sports BJJ gi (shop this gi on Amazon)Sanabul Core Competition (shop this gi on Amazon)Fuji Suparaito (shop this gi on Amazon)
3Hawk BJJ gi (shop this gi on Amazon)Venum Contender (shop this gi on Amazon)Kingz BJJ gi (shop this gi on Amazon)
Table:: The best BJJ gis that are available on Amazon divided in three price categories
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1. Best BJJ Gi on Amazon: GoldBJJ Aeroweave

The GoldBJJ Aeroweave is my pick for the best BJJ gi on Amazon.

It’s ultra lightweight, which makes it very comfortable. And because it uses reinforced stichting it’s also very strong.

I basically consider this a super premium gi for a (relatively) affordable price. I recommend it to anyone.

2. Best budget gi on Amazon: Sanabul Essentials

The Sanabul Essentials is the best selling BJJ gi on Amazon and has been for a few years.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s very cheap and still decent quality. (There are a few gis on Amazon that are even cheaper, but the value you get for your money is much worse.)

This low price makes this the most popular BJJ gi, especially among white belts. But higher belts still buy this gi often too.

3. best Mid Range BJJ gi on Amazon: Fuji BJJ Uniform

The Fuji BJJ Uniform is the best seller BJJ gi on Amazon in the mid price range.

It’s a good quality BJJ gi. It’s medium weight (450 grams per square meters), which makes it more durable than the 2 lightweight gis I mentioned above.

This Fuji has been around forever. It’s actually the second gi I ever bought, and I bought it a few times after that. It’s nothing special, but just a good mid weight BJJ gi.

4. Elite Sports BJJ Gi

The Elite Sports BJJ gi is another best seller on Amazon.

It’s very similar to the Sanabul Essentials in that it’s a good budget option. It’s really very cheap and still decent quality.

I like the Sanabul Essentials a bit better (feels a bit more sturdy and looks more classic), but you can’t really go wrong with the Elite Sports gi either.

5. Sanabul Core Competition IBJJF Approved gi

The Sanabul Core Competition gi is a new addition from Sanabul.

Building off the success of their Essentials model, Sanabul decided to introduce a slightly higher end model.

This gi is perfect if you’re about to participate in your first BJJ competitions.

This gi is still lightweight, which helps your weighin, but it’s much stronger than the Sanabul Essentials model. At the same time, it’s much more affordable than premium competition gis.

6. Fuji Suparaito

The Fuji Suparaito is an ultra lightweight BJJ gi. ‘Suparaito’ actually translates to ‘ultra lite’ in Japanese.

This gi is a classic in the jiu jitsu scene and it’s known for its breathability (although I personally think the Gold BJJ Aeroweave is equally breathable, but ok).

I recommend this ig if you want a very lightweight and breathable gi and you prefer the Fuji brand over Gold BJJ.

7. HAWK Brazilian jiu jitsu gi

The Hawk BJJ gi is a budget option, but I think it isn’t the best BJJ gi Amazon offers in that category.

It’s cheaper than the Sanabul Essentials and the Elite Sports BJJ gi, but I like it a lot less.

None of the budget gis are super high quality, but this Hawk gi goes a little too low for me.

I’d rather spend 10 bucks extra to get a higher quality gi (that also doesn’t ‘look cheap’, if you feel me).

8. Kingz Brazilian jiu jitsu gi

Kingz is a BJJ gi brand that’s rapidly becoming more popular.

I notice that these gis still don’t sell so well on Amazon. I think that might be because they’re pretty high end, and on Amazon the budget gis are more popular.

Or maybe more people buy Kingz gis through the Kingz website, because I actually know a lot of people with Kingz gis.

So I’m not sure what’s going on here. But this might actually be your chance to buy this gi ‘before it’s cool’, because I suspect sales on Amazon for this gi might really pick up in the future.

9. Venum Contender 2.0 BJJ gi

The Venum Contender is another super classic BJJ gi.

It’s actually the first competition gi I ever bought. But that’s almost 10 years ago and today I wouldn’t make the same choice.

Ten years ago they Venum was one of the better gi brands but I think time has passed them on. You have better options available to you now.

Don’t get me wrong, Venum is still decent. You won’t hate your gi if you buy the Contender. But remember that Venum is more of an MMA/UFc brand than a true jiu jitsu brand.


Can you Buy a good BJJ gi on Amazon?

Yes, you can buy a good BJJ gi on Amazon nowadays. A few years ago this wasn’t true yet, but now there’s multiple solid BJJ brands that offer their products on Amazon.

How Much does a BJJ gi cost?

The cheapest BJJ gi that I consider of good enough quality costs $60. A mid range BJJ gi costs about $90 and premium BJJ gis start at $120.

Which color gi should I get as a beginner?

As a beginner in BJj you should get a plain white gi. The most important reason for this is that white gis are accepted at every BJJ gym and tournament. And there’s a few more reasons which you can read about here: What color bjj gi should I get?

How do I know my gi size?

You can find out your exact size for a gi in the size chart of that gi (because different gis use slightly different size charts). For a rough estimation you can use a gi size calculator. You can find my gi size calculator here: The Complete BJJ Gi Size Guide | Gi Size Calculator & 3 Gi Size Charts

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