The 9 BJJ Archetypes

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Discover your unique grappling style through The 9 BJJ Archetypes. Learn about the 9 archetypes of BJJ fighters, their unique strengths and weaknesses, how to train like them and how to beat them.


Are you ready to discover your full potential in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? The 9 BJJ Archetypes: Discover your Path to Greatness is designed to help you develop your unique style of fighting, optimize your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses.

Through analysis of the approaches of the 9 archetypes of BJJ fighters, you’ll learn who you are in grappling and how you can be most effective on the mat. You’ll identify:

  • your unique strengths and weaknesses
  • your best and worst matchups against the other archetypes
  • which famous competitors are the same archetype as you
  • how to train to optimize your performance

And on top of that, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the mindsets and strategies of your opponents. You’ll learn all about their strengths and weaknesses, and how to beat them.

This course will provide you with everything you need to embrace your archetype, train more effectively and with greater focus, and explore what you can learn from the other archetypes.

Purchase The 9 BJJ Archetypes today and discover your path to greatness.

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