Tatami Nova Gi Review – Absolute Nova

The Tatami Nova gi is the first BJJ gi I bought when I started doing BJJ as a beginner, and I’ve bought the same gi multiple times after that. In this tatami nova gi review I explain why I like this BJJ gi for a beginner and advanced BJJ practitioner.

Tatami nova gi review BJJ

Tatami Nova Gi Review

Summary of this article: The Tatami Nova gi is a gi that I recommend to both beginners and advanced BJJ practitioners. It’s affordable, good quality, durable, IBJJF legal and it comes with a free white belt. I’m a brown belt and I still buy the Tatami Nova Absolute gi as well (among other gis).

The Tatami Nova Absolute gi is perfect for anyone who is looking for a basic gi. If you don’t need an ultra lightweight gi or a gi with premium features, this is a great buy.

Things to consider before buying a BJJ gi

If you’re planning on buying a BJJ gi, you should consider the following points:


The gi should fit you. It shouldn’t be too long or short in the sleeves and pants. If your gi is too long or short you can shorten or lengthen the sleeves and pants easily.


The BJJ gi should be reasonably priced. If you’re a beginner, the gi should be reasonably priced so you won’t spend too much money. However, if you’re an intermediate or advanced BJJ practitioner, you might want to spend more money for a more premium gi.


The gi should be made out of a material that will last. This means that the gi jacket and gi pants should be made out of cotton, cotton/polyester or ripstop. The gi should also be double stitched at all stress points, and it should be pearl weave rather than single weave.


Also consider how heavy you want your Brazilian jiu jitsu gi to be. Some gis are very heavy, almost like a Judo gi, and some are very light, almost like a karate gi. Heavier gis tend to be more durable.


The gi should be a color that you like. And keep in mind that for a BJJ competition you need a white or blue gi, and some BJJ gyms only allow white BJJ gis.


The gi should be made by one of the reputable gi brands, so that you know that you are getting a good quality gi and quality customer support in case you need to return the gi.

The Tatami Nova Gi

The Tatami Nova Absolute gi is made of a single weave gi material. The gi is made of reasonably soft cotton, and it’s a fairly lightweight gi. The Nova gi is preshrunk, and it comes with a free white belt.

The Tatami Nova BJJ gi is a gi that I recommend to both beginners and advanced BJJ practitioners. As it’s a basic, affordable gi, and it comes with a free white belt, it’s the best BJJ gi for beginners in my opinion. I’m personally a brown belt and I still buy Tatami Nova Absolute gis (among others), just because it’s a good quality, basic and durable BJJ gi.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Available in IBJJF legal colors for competitions
  • Preshrunk
  • Comes with a free white belt


  • Basic
  • Not the lightest BJJ gi
  • No premium gi features

Features and Benefits of the Tatami Nova Gi

For my Tatami Nova Gi review, I’ll now tell you the main reasons why this is a perfect gi for many beginners and advanced BJJ athletes.

Fits like advertised

Gi sizes are weird and they differ across gi brands, so it’s often hard to buy the right gi size right away. But I have never had a problem with the Tatami Nova gi, because Tatami reports its sizes accurately, and because the gi is preshrunk.


BJJ gis are liable to break because of how much we pull on them. But, the Tatami Nova is made of good quality material and has a pearl weave, so it always lasts me more than 3 years, which is excellent.


This gi is always affordable. I always try to buy my gis when they’re on sale, but if there’s no big sale happening, the Tatami Nova is almost always the cheapest BJJ gi of great quality available.

IBJJF legal colors

The Tatami Nova gi comes in white, blue and black. I have owned the gi in all colors and they’re all good. The blue and white gi are legal for IBJJF BJJ competitions.

Includes a free white belt

If you’re a beginning Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner, it’s very annoying if you accidentally buy a gi that doesn’t include a free white belt. Even if you already have a white belt, it’s not bad to get an extra in case you lose yours or it gets too old. 

My experience with the Tatami Nova Gi

The Tatami Nova Absolute gi is the first gi I ever bought and it lasted me more than 3 years, even though it was my only BJJ gi for most of that time.

I’ve since bought it again in blue and recently also in black. I keep coming back to it, because it’s so affordable and it’s just good. I also own several more premium BJJ gis now, which I try to buy when they’re on sale. But I buy this Tatami gi as a better quality budget gi.

If I need a BJJ gi again, and I don’t see a premium gi that I want on sale, I’ll buy the Tatami Nova Absolute again.

Alternatives to the Tatami Nova Gi

If you are still on the fence about the Tatami Nova BJJ gi, here are some alternative gi options and Tatami gi models you can consider.

Tatami Estilo black label gi

The Tatami Estilo black label gi is a special edition BJJ gi from Tatami. It’s a lightweight gi from 350gsm pearl weave fabric with a reinforced collar and reinforced knees. It’s also very good looking.

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