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Blue Belt in 1 Day is the ultimate survival guide for white belts in Brazilian jiu jitsu. You learn everything a blue belt knows… and more importantly, where to start.

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blue belt in 1 day cover

Get your blue belt faster than you thought possible with Blue Belt in 1 Day, the only guide pinpointing techniques that beginners truly benefit from.

  • Easy Wins: Get a game plan with simple moves for quick wins.
  • All-in-One Guide: Checklists, quizzes, and short tips to help you remember every technique.
  • Fast Track to Blue Belt: Discover the winning techniques for beginners, ignore all the distractions.

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Legendary game plans cover

Legendary Game Plans unlocks the secrets of BJJ’s greatest champions. Learn their game-winning formulas to optimize your own grappling.

  • Legendary Athlete Insights: Strategies from Roger Gracie, Eddie Bravo, Marcelo Garcia, Gordon Ryan, and more.
  • Step-by-Step Mastery: Breakdowns, drills, and tips from legendary game plans.
  • Up Your Grappling Game: Unlock the best tactics that ever existed in BJJ.


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The 9 BJJ Archetypes cover

Uncover the secrets of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with The 9 BJJ Archetypes. Dive deep into each unique fighting style, mastering their strengths and turning their weaknesses into your advantage!

  • Unleash Your Inner Champion: Dive into The 9 BJJ Archetypes and uncover the secrets of your unique grappling essence.
  • Master the Mat: Learn the ins and outs of each archetype’s strengths and weaknesses – then train smarter, not harder.
  • Dominate Every Duel: Discover tailored tactics to outmaneuver any opponent, ensuring you always have the upper hand in battle.


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From White Belt to Wise cover

Step onto the mat with confidence and clarity with White Belt to Wise. Dive into the rich world of BJJ with a comprehensive guide to its essential terminology.

  • Jiu Jitsu Jargon Decoded: Master over 132 crucial BJJ terms, from techniques to cultural nuances.
  • Beginner’s Best Friend: Designed to help newcomers feel at home on the mat from their very first session.
  • Deepen Your Understanding: Gain insights into the 12 foundational principles of BJJ, enriching your grasp of the martial art.


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Unlock the secrets to rapid BJJ improvement with ‘Black Belt Ambition’. Harness the power of off-the-mat strategies to elevate your game to the next level.

  • Solo Mastery: Dive into specialized solo drills tailored to refine your techniques and movements.
  • Physical Prowess: Benefit from expert strength and conditioning tips, ensuring you’re always fight-ready.
  • Mental Edge: Immerse yourself in psychological tricks and hacks, giving you an advantage in every duel.


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BJJ Skill Tracker cover

Unlock the next level of your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training with the BJJ Skill Tracker. Dive deep into your skills, identify areas to polish, and become the formidable grappler you’re meant to be.

  • Achieve Rapid Mastery: Gain insights into each technique, ensuring you advance faster in every BJJ session.
  • Train Smarter, Not Harder: Easily identify areas for improvement, allowing for focused and efficient training.
  • Celebrate Your Progress: Instantly see your advancements and milestones, fueling motivation and confidence on the mat.



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