Jim Carrey BJJ: Does The Actor Actually Train Jiu Jitsu?

Jim Carrey BJJ

Jim Carrey is a Canadian actor, well known from movies such as The Truman Show. Jim reportedly also trains Brazilian jiu jitsu under Royce Gracie. Jim Carrey is said to be a BJJ brown belt. However, these rumors have not been verified and are probably false.

Full NameJames Eugene Carrey
Birth dateJanuary 17, 1962
Birth placeNewmarket, Ontario, Canada
BJJ belt rankBrown belt (supposedly)
BJJ coachRoyce Gracie (supposedly)

Does Jim Carrey Do BJJ?

There’s a rumor that JIm Carrey trains BJJ. He’s supposed to be a brown belt under Royce Gracie. However, these rumors are probably false.

I searched extensively on the internet, and the only ‘proof’ of JIm Carrey doing BJJ is a forum comment that somebody once saw him at a local MMA gym. And there’s the video below which has ‘Jim Carrey’ and ‘Jiu Jitsu’ in the title, but it’s about a Jim Carrey lookalike, as clearly the guy in the video is not Jim Carrey.

So Jim Carrey training BJJ is probably a myth. I couldn’t trace down where this myth originated from. Jim Carrey never commented on BJJ at all.

Jim Carrey BJJ Belt

Jim Carrey is said to be a BJJ brown belt under Royce Gracie, but this is probably false. There’s no photos or videos of Jim Carrey training BJJ. If he actually trained BJJ, there would probably be information available on it, given how famous Jim Carrey is. In all likelihood, Jim Carrey never trained BJJ a day of his life.

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