Keenan Cornelius Net Worth: How Rich is BJJ Star Actually?

Keenan Cornelius net worth

Keenan Cornelius is an American grappler and one of the most successful BJJ competitors of all time. He also has a large online presence and is the founder of the Jiu Jitsu X digital learning platform. As of 2021, Keenan Cornelius net worth is believed to be roughly $2 million.

Full NameKeenan Kai-James Cornelius
Birth Date25 February 1992
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California, U.S.
ProfessionProfessional grappler
Net worth$2 million

Early life and family

Keenan Cornelius is an American grappler, born in San Diego, California, United States, on February 25th, 1992. His step-father practiced BJJ at a high level, being the grappling coach of BJ Penn at the time.

Keenan started grappling when he was 14 years old. He then joined the gym of his step-father and BJ Penn, before moving to train with Lloyd Irvin. 

Keenan Cornelius Net Worth And Career

Keenan Cornelius broke through in the jiu jitsu scene after winning the Abu Dhabi Trials in 2012 as a purple belt while still training under Lloyd Irvin. Shortly after this, he started training with Atos under André Galvão to focus more on his competitive career. 

Keenan was extremely successful in competition as a brown belt. Famously, as the brown belt level he was already developing his worm guard system, but he didn’t use it in competition so that he could surprise people with it at black belt.

At black belt, Keenan was still extremely successful in competition, but he came up just short of winning any major tournaments. He lost to Gordon Ryan in the open weight finals at ADCC in 2018.

Keenan still competes but he also focuses more on the business side of jiu jitsu now. He broke up with Atos to start his own gym, Legion Academy, in San Diego, California. 

He also launched a new online learning platform for BJJ instructionals, Jiu Jitsu X. This is a further evolution of his earlier Keenan Online academy. The difference between the two platforms is that Jiu Jitsu X invites many different instructors to teach their best techniques, instead of only Keenan himself.

Keenan Cornelius Net Worth

Keenan Cornelius’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. His big online presence has made Keenan Online a profitable online business for him, which he’s now expanding through the launch of Jiu Jitsu X. Further, his Legion Academy in San Diego is thriving. Keenan successfully uses his online marketing skills to exploit his competitive career for big profits.

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