Garry Tonon Net Worth: How Rich Is The Fighter Actually?

Garry Tonon net worth

Garry Tonon is a successful BJJ athlete who’s now making his way into MMA. He’s a fan favorite because of his aggressive and submission oriented fighting style. As of 2021, Garry Tonon net worth is estimated to be roughly $300,000.

Full NameGarry Lee Tonon
Birth DateSeptember 12, 1991
Birth PlaceMonroe Township, New Jersey
ProfessionBJJ and MMA Fighter
Net worth$300,000

Early life and family

Garry Tonon was born in Monroe Township, New Jersey, on September 12, 1991. He started training BJJ in Monroe Township with Gordon Ryan at the age of 14, before they both started to train in New York City under John Danaher. Before this, he had already wrestled in high school.

Even at a young age Garry Tonon was already successful in BJJ. He won the Juvenile blue belt division of the IBJJF WOrld Championships while he was still training under Tom DeBlass and Ricardo Almeida.

Garry Tonon Net Worth And Career

Garry Tonon rose to prominence through many heel hook victories at the Eddie Bravo Invitational tournaments. He became a huge fan favorite because he always pushes the action and is always looking for the submission.

The bulk of Garry Tonon’s success in grappling was achieved during his time at the Danaher Death Squad. There, Garry trained with Gordon Ryan and later also with Nicky Ryan and Craig Jones. Their team won many tournaments with their new leg lock system, which opponents often weren’t ready for.

The DDS decided that they needed a representative of their team in MMA, and Garry Tonon was chosen. He signed a deal with One FC and has had several MMA matches there now, all of which he won by submission. He won most of the fights by heel hook, which is uncommon for MMA fighters.

Garry also still actively competes in grappling events, most notably in ADCC. However, because his main focus is MMA now, he’s not competing in BJJ as frequently as he used to.

Apart from a competitor, Garry Tonon is also a BJJ teacher. He teaches both at Gordon Ryan’s academy in Austin Texas, and online through a series of instructional DVDs. His instructionals focus on what Garry is good at, namely submissions, escapes and scrambles.

Garry Tonon Net Worth

Garry Tonon’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $300.000. Garry Tonon earns a salary at One FC and he also earns royalties from his instructionals on BJJFanatics. Other sources of income for Garry Tonon are sponsorship deals, teaching seminars and a teacher’s salary at the academy in Austin Texas. 

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