John Danaher Net Worth: How Rich Is The BJJ Genius Actually?

John Danaher net worth

John Danaher is the best BJJ coach ever. He revolutionized the no gi grappling scene with his control based leg lock system. As of 2021, John Danaher net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

Many of John’s students have found tremendous success in BJJ, most prominently Gordon Ryan who’s arguably the grappling GOAT.

Full NameJohn Danaher
Birth Date April 2, 1967
Birth PlaceWashington, D.C., United States
ProfessionBJJ Coach
Belt rank5th Degree black belt
Net worth$500,000

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Early life and family

John Danaher was born on April 2, 1967, in Washington D.C., United States. He grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, where he studied to obtain a bachelor and master degree in philosophy. He returned to the USA to obtain a PhD in epistemology at the University of Columbia in Manhattan.

John Danaher Net Worth And Career

John Danaher is a 5th degree black belt under Renzo Gracie. He is a full time grappling coach now, but he first rose to prominence as the MMA coach of MMA fighter George St. Pierre. John was his grappling coach for the bigger part of this MMA career and when he won the title.

Later, John Danaher made a name for himself when his students Garry Tonon, Eddie Cummings and Gordon Ryan started winning the Eddie Bravo Invitational every event. His team then went on to win major tournaments such as the IBJJF World Championships and the ADCC with a novel leg lock system. This is when the term ‘The Danaher Death Squad’ was coined.

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In 2021 the Danaher Death Squad moved to Puerto Rico and later in the year broke up. Craig Jones, Nicky Rod and Nicky Ryan now all train at B-Team jiu jitsu, while John trains with Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan. However, both teams are located in Austin Texas, which leaves some suspicion as to whether the two teams actually broke up or whether they still train together.

John Danaher has many instructionals available on BJJFanatics. His most popular dvd is still Enter the System: Leg Locks, because of the astonishing success of his students with the heel hook. However, he branched out far beyond heel hooks and now has instructionals available on a wide variety of positions in BJJ.

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John Danaher Wife

John Danaher doesn’t have a wife, which is one of the reasons for his success as a coach, according to himself and Gordon Ryan. This allows him to spend all of his time on studying martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu. John is known to watch a lot of old martial arts footage to always come up with new techniques and systems.

John Danaher Net Worth

John Danaher’s personal wealth is estimated to be roughly $500,000. John Danaher earns hefty royalty sums from his instructionals on BJJFanatics. He also earns a moderate salary from teaching at his academy in Austin Texas.

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