Gordon Ryan Net Worth: How Rich Is The Grappler Actually?

Gordon Ryan Net Worth

Gordon ‘the King’ Ryan has cemented his claim to be the greatest grappler of all time when he beat Andre Galvao at ADCC 2022. He’s known for his victories in ADCC and the IBJJF World Championships, as well as his trolling activity on social media. As of september 2022, Gordon Ryan net worth is estimated to be roughly $50 million (and on a strong upwards trajectory since ADCC 2022).

Full NameGordon Ryan
Birth DateJuly 8, 1995
Birth PlaceMonroe Township, New Jersey
ProfessionProfessional BJJ athlete
GirlfriendNathalia Santoro
Biggest income sourceHis BJJ instructionals
Net worth$50 million

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How does Gordon Ryan make money?

Gordon Ryan is a marketing and business genius. He makes a lot of money from tournaments, matches, sponsors and teaching seminars. But his biggest income source are his instructionals.

Gordon Ryan income Statement from 1 bundle

Gordon regularly shares his BJJ Fanatics income statement on Instagram. Below you can see that he generated $403,429 in total sales from just 1 instructional package (the Attacking from Guard bundle).

Gordon ryan instructionals income
Image: Gordon Ryan shares a screenshot of his monthly income on BJJ fanatics from just 1 instructional

Gordon Ryan total instructionals income per month

Let’s do some basic arithmetic to guess how much money Gordon Ryan earns per month from all his BJJ instructionals.

Gordon Ryan sells in total:

  • 21 single instructionals
  • 6 instructional bundles

The screenshot above shows that Gordon makes $400,000 per month from 1 bundle. Let’s assume that’s his best selling bundle and that it was a particularly great month. So let’s say that on average he only makes $100,000 per bundle. That’s $600,000 per month in an average month for the bundles.

The single instructionals are about twice as cheap as the bundles. I have to image he sells more instructionals than he sells bundles. But let’s assume that he sells the same amount. Then he makes $50,000 per month per instructional. That’s over $1 million per month for the single instructionals.

So we estimate that Gordon Ryan makes $1,6 million per month off his instructionals.

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Why does Gordon ryan make so much more money than everybody else?

Gordon is by far the best selling teacher of instructionals at BJJ Fanatics. Nobody else is even close to how much money he makes from them. There are 3 reasons for this:

  • Gordon Ryan is the most successful competitor of all time (and he doesn’t just win – he submits).
  • Gordon is also a much better teacher than almost anyone else, especially in his recent instructionals.
  • His instructionals cover topics that actually matter – things like how to systematically pass or submit from mount – so they help you improve much faster.

How Gordon marries success in BJJ and business

Gordon is the much more mindful than other athletes about how his BJJ and his business should help each other. This goes both ways:

  • BJJ –> Business: Gordon uses his BJJ matches to promote his new instructionals. For example, when he brought out his mount instructional, he submitted 3 opponents from mount at WNO to prove his system is effective.
  • Business –> BJJ: Gordon focusses on making money from instructionals rather than seminars (which are also very lucrative), because it’s a source of passive income. Gordon prefers this because he knows that he needs all his time to keep training to stay ahead of his competition.

Gordon Ryan’s Early life and family

an Gordon Ryan was born on July 8, 1995 in New Jersey, where he started training Brazilian jiu jitsu when he was 15. Later, he started training under John Danaher and Garry Tonon in New York city. He grew up with his brother Nicky Ryan who is now also successful in grappling.

Gordon Ryan Girlfriend

Gordon Ryan’s girlfriend is Nathalia Santoro, a fitness model, bodybuilder and BJJ competitor herself. She has many followers on Instagram from these different communities. Nathalia also frequently features in Gordon Ryan’s jiu jitsu instructionals on BJJFanatics.

Nathalia Santoro is currently a purple belt under John Danaher. Whether she will get promoted or brown belt and black belt by Gordon Ryan himself is something that Gordon hasn’t commented on.

Gordon Ryan Career

Gordon Ryan rose to prominence after winning the IBJJF World Championship at the brown belt level. Later, he broke through at the black belt level by winning multiple Eddie Bravo Invitational tournaments. In 2022 he won 2 more ADCC titles and beat the most successful athlete before him, Andre Galvao.

Gordon Ryan doesn’t earn a steady salary, instead he earned a lot of money through prize money from winning tournaments. And he also earns money from sponsorships. But this is not the biggest income source for Gordon Ryan. 

Gordon earns most of his money through selling BJJ instructionals on BJJFanatics. He is the best selling athlete on the platform. And he has many instructionals available.

Controversy often surrounds Gordon Ryan. For example, in 2021 Gordon slapped Andre Galvao and almost got into a fight with him. And Gordon is always feuding with other BJJ athletes on social media.

The marketing strategy that Gordon Ryan uses is also very intelligent. He uses a combination of boasting and trash talking with successful performances in competition. He also specifically tries to win his competition matches with the moves that he shows on his latest instructional, which not many other BJJ fighters can replicate.

Gordon Ryan Net Worth

Gordon Ryan’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $50 million. Gordon Ryan makes a fortune of royalties from his instructionals on BJJFanatics. He also accumulated a small fortune in prize money, with the self reported ability to earn $200,000 in prize money 2021 if no events had been canceled.

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