Origin gi review – the 4 Best Origin BJJ gis

Origin is one of the most highly respected BJJ gi brands in the market. What sets them apart from the rest is not only their impeccable craftsmanship and use of top-notch American-made materials, but also their unwavering commitment to paying their American employees a living wage. However, this level of quality and ethical production comes at a cost, with Origin gis priced higher than most other brands. In this Origin review, I’ll help you determine if Origin gis are worth the splurge, and which Origin gi would best suit your needs.

black origin competition gi BJJ
DNA Comp Atleta (black)

This Origin gi is incredibly high quality yet affordable

Best price / quality

Origin gi review – Short version

Here’s the super short summary of my Origin review. All their gis are amazing, they’re far stronger and more breathable than any other gi brand I’ve ever had. Here’s to helping you choose which Origin gi to get:

  • The DNA Comp Atleta: This is the best bang for your buck. Upgrade to the pro pants.
  • The Rift: This one’s extremely comfortable and strong – it’s up to you whether you want to spend this much on a gi.
  • The Warrior gis (Apache etc.): Most affordable, if you don’t care about competition these ones are still great (but not IBJJF legal).
  • The Path: This is my personal favorite because I’m a sucker for the symbolism, but in terms of objective gi qualities it doesn’t justify it’s (slightly) higher price.
  • The Discipline: This one’s just as good as the Comp Atleta – it’s up to you whether you want motivational slogans on your gi or not.
Origin gi review
DNA Comp Atleta (white)

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What’s Origin?

Origin is a highly respected BJJ gi brand based in the USA. They make BJJ gis, rash guards, shorts, clothing and apparel. Origin was co-founded and is co-owned by retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink, and the company is dedicated to supporting all their workers with a fair living wage and producing all their gis in America with materials sourced from America.

Every Origin BJJ gi

Let’s take a closer look at every BJJ gi that Origin offers. They have 4 gi lines, 2 of which have multiple gis within the line.

GiLineWeavePantsColorsNotableWhere to buy
The PathPathPearl weaveClassicWhite/BlackSymbolicHere on OriginMaine
Comp AtletaDNAPearl weaveClassicWhite/BlackIBJJF LegalHere on OriginMaine
DisciplineDNAPearl weaveProWhite/BlackIBJJF LegalHere on OriginMaine
WarriorPearl weaveClassicWhite/Black/
CheapestHere on OriginMaine
Rift2019 RiftDragonweaveDragonweaveWhite/BlackSlickestHere on OriginMaine
Table: all Origin gis and their specs

The Path gi

Origin BJJ gi review

The Path Gi is Origin’s flagship gi, and it is designed to represent the journey that BJJ practitioners take as they progress in the sport. It features a beautiful design that incorporates the colors of each belt and is made from Origin’s proprietary Atomic Twill GEN 2 fabric.

Origin DNA Competition Gis

Origin’s DNA Gis are designed specifically for competition. They are made from lightweight, high-performance materials and they’re IBJJF legal. The DNA line has two options.

  • Comp DNA Atleta: The Comp DNA Atleta is the basic Origin competition gi. It has the classic pants but for $20 you can upgrade to the Pro pants.
  • DNA Discipline: The same jacket but with Pro pants, ans as an extra this DNA gi is embroidered with the slogans ‘Discipline equals freedom’ and ‘get after it’ (Jocko, if you’re reading this, please it embroider it with ‘GOOD’).

Warrior Gis

Origin’s Warrior Gis are designed for training and competition. Although they’re the most affordable Origin gis, they’re still handmate in America with premium fabrics that are also sourced from within the USA. The Warrior gi line has 6 options, which are all identical except for their color:

2019 Rift (Dragon Weave)

The 2019 Rift is a gi that is made from Origin’s proprietary Dragon Weave GEN 3 fabric.The Rift is still the best Origin gi in terms of quality, and it comes with a price tag. But for those who can afford it, the Rift is a strong, comfortable, durable, light and breathable delight.

3 Origin gi reviews

Here’s 3 Origin BJJ reviews that will tell you everything you need to know to become confident that Origin is the BJJ gi brand you’re looking for.

Origin gi review by Joe Rogan

Here’s an Origin review by none other than Joe Rogan. Not surprisingly, Joe Rogan loves the American handmade quality that only Origin Maine provides!

Long term Origin gi review

Here’s an Origin review video that shows how an Origin gi looks after washing it more than 130 times. As you see in the review, the gi jacket and pants still hold up great, aside from fading a bit in color.

My Origin BJJ review

I love Origin BJJ gis. They’re just way better quality than other gis I’ve had. That’s why it’s number 1 in my list of the 53 best BJJ gi brands.

I love the symbolism of The Path. The only thing that I’m sad about it is that I didn’t own one when I was a white belt, because I’d love to have one for my complete journey from white belt to black belt.

I also love the Comp DNA Atleta. You’ll see it’s in the top 3 in many of my lists of the best BJJ gis. I know people who love their DNA Discipline, but the embroidered slogans are a little too much for me.

Origin gi reviews on Reddit and YouTube

Just to make sure that this article is completely exhaustive, I crowd sources some more Origin gi revies from the web. Here’s a list and some notable quotes I could find:

“I love my origin gi. 10/10 recommend. It’s the lightest feeling gi I have, super breathable and it’s also incredibly strong. You can machine wash and dry them as well without them shrinking which is a plus.”


“The Rift gi is soft, pliable, still strong, and really well made.”


Differences between the Origin gis: “I have an Atleta I love, and my buddy bought whichever gi is $150 from origin, and it just feels “cheaper.” I use quotes because their gear still rocks.”


Origin’s patented technologies

Origin invests a lot of money in innovation to make sure that their gis stay ahead of the competition. Some of the proprietary technologies they currently use are:

  • PolySynth©: A proprietary blend of polyester and synthetic fibers that gives Origin’s gis a lightweight and breathable feel, while maintaining strength and durability.
  • Performance Yarn (100x Stronger): A high-strength yarn that is 100 times stronger than standard cotton, providing added durability to the gis.
  • American Pearl©: A proprietary pearl weave fabric that is made in the USA, offering exceptional strength, durability, and moisture-wicking properties.
  • GEN 3 Performance Textile: A high-performance fabric that is both lightweight and durable, providing superior comfort and range of motion during training.
  • CowboyCut©: A body-mapping cut that is designed to fit the body naturally, allowing for increased mobility and comfort during training.
  • StrongStitch©: A proprietary stitching technique that uses high-tensile-strength polycore thread, ensuring that Origin’s gis can withstand heavy use and washing.
  • DuraDry©: A moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the gi airy and dry during intense training sessions.
  • AtomicTwill©: A proprietary blend of fabrics used in Origin’s performance pants, offering a lightweight and breathable construction that allows for unrestricted movement.
  • SwivelLoc©: A belt closure system that is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit, while preventing the belt from coming undone during training.

Origin gi weaves

For all you gi geeks out there, I did some research towards which weaves Origin uses in their gis. Here it is:

  • Pearl weave: The standard weave type for BJJ gis, although Origin’s American Pearls comes in at a density of 325 grams per square meter (GSM), which is lighter than the industry standard of 350 gsm. This weave type strikes a balance between strength and lightweight construction, making it a versatile choice for BJJ practitioners of all levels. This weave is used in the DNA gis.
  • Dragon weave: A tightly woven and ultra-durable weave type that is designed to withstand heavy use and frequent washing. This weave is perfect for those who prioritize durability and longevity in their BJJ gi. This weave is used in the Rift.
  • Atomic Twill/PolyLoc Twill: These ultra-light weave types are used in Origin’s lightweight warrior gis, classic pants, and Pro Pants. They offer a lightweight and breathable construction that is ideal for hot and humid training conditions, and it’s very comfortable.

Other Origin products

Origin sells many more products than just gis, such as:

  • No gi BJJ apparel: rash guards, shorts and spats.
  • Clothing: t-shirts, beanies and so forth.
  • Supplements: JockoFuel has a lot of supplements that are specifically made for BJJ athletes.
  • Hunting gear: outdoors clothing and boots and so forth.

Origin customer support

I’ve never had a problem with my Origin orders, but I’ve seen a Reddit post of someone who’s gis ripped quickly, and when they reached out to customer support they got a free replacement.

Origin Alternatives

There’s no real alternative to Origin gis that are evenly dedicated to quality or making their stuff in America. If you want to find a more affordable alternative to Origin gis, I recommend that you check out my post about the best BJJ gi brands.


do origin gis shrink?

No, Origin gis hardly shrink at all. The only way you can shrink them is by tumble drying them a lot.

what’s the lightest origin gi?

The Everest gi is the lightest Origin gi, weighin in under 2 lbs. The same goes for every other Warrior gi, they’re all the same weight.

Are Origin gis pre-shrunk?

Yes, Origin gis are pre-shrunk. This means that they’ll shrink at most a tiny little bit if you wash and dry them.

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