Discounts on BJJ Instructionals

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64% off Submeta (from lachlan giles)

logo submeta

Submeta is the newest place to learn BJJ online – and the best one so far.

Lachlan Giles made the platform. He has 68 courses on there, from beginner stuff to very advanced things.

Lachlan is one of the best and most structured teachers ever, and his courses include quizzes so you remember the techniques better.

And you can get 64% off your first month if you use the code ‘BJJMORE‘ at checkout.

Use code ‘BJJMORE‘ to get $16 off for your first month on Submeta

Get 64% off Submeta

Read the full Submeta review here

$30 off BJJ Mental Models

logo bjjmentalmodels

BJJ Mental Models is a unique way to learn BJJ faster.

Steve Kwan, a technology CEO, made this platform. It’s unique for 2 reasons:

  • All the courses on the platform are audio courses that focus on concepts in jiu jitsu such as mindset, psychology, how to learn faster, and what to focus on.
  • It brings together many great conceptual teachers on the platform such as Jon Thomas, Andrew Wiltse, Priit Mikhelson and many others.
  • You get unlimited virtual private lessons. That means that you can send in videos of yourself sparring or competing, and Steve will analyse them and help you improve.

And you can get 50% off your first 3 months if you use the code ‘MAX’ at checkout.

Use code ‘MAX‘ to get 50% off for your first 3 months on BJJ Mental Models

Get $30 off BJJ Mental Models

Read my full advertorial for BJJ Mental Models here: How to get a blue belt in 6 months

Launch sale: $50 off my course ‘Blue belt in 1 day’

We also have a launch sale for our course Blue belt in 1 day.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so now.

This short course teachers beginners everything they need to know to get to the blue belt level in BJJ. You get:

  • A big picture overview of all guards, guard passes, leg entanglements, pins, pin escapes and submissions in BJJ – with checklists to keep track of which you know
  • The best selection of techniques that work for beginners, so you know exactly where to start
  • beginner game plan that kills at the white belt and blue belt level of competition (and sparring in the gym)

Bonus: Up to 70% off BJJ Fanatics (Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, John Danaher and more)

BJJ Fanatics is the biggest BJJ instructionals platform. They have instructionals from Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, John Danaher and literally hundreds of other teachers.

And they have daily deals that discount their instructionals 50% to 70%. Given that most of their courses are about $200, you can save a lot of money by buying at the right time.

50% off Craig Jones, John Danaher and many other instructors!