The #1 best position in BJJ (It’s not back control)

Roger Gracie surprised Lex Fridman on his podcast when he said that mount is much better than back control.

Not just for MMA, or street fights or anything like that.

Roger Gracie says that mount is better than back control for BJJ.

Is he right?

Let’s look at it.

Why Roger Gracie Prefers Mount

Roger explains that mount is much better for control and submissions than back mount.

He says that his 9 year old daughter can hold down boys in mount. She wouldn’t be able to do the same in back mount.

The reasons are:

  • When you have the back, you’re on your back yourself.
  • Your opponent can move from side to side freely when you have the back. In mount he can’t move.
  • In mount you can use your arms freely. In back mount you need your arms to hold your opponent.
Video: Lex Fridman podcast with Roger Gracie, where he explains why mount is better than back control (at 1:15:52)

And that’s all just for jiu jitsu. Obviously, if strikes are involved, mount becomes even more advantageous over back mount.

But is there an even better position than mount?

Craig Jones knows an even better position than mount

Craig Jones would agree with Roger Gracie that mount is better than back control.

Craig’s really been focussing on pinning people to the ground, especially bigger, stronger, more explosive people (he’s a coach for Volk in the UFC now so that’s important to him). He teaches this stuff on his latest instructionals, especially Power Ride.

But, you know what position Craig likes even better than mount?

[insert 14y/o humor]

Belly down back mount.

As in, you have the back but you’re on top. Ideally you even have your opponent completely flattened out.

Belly down back mount is the best position in BJJ because:

  • You’re on top instead of on your back (better than normal back control)
  • Your opponent can’t move (just like in mount)
  • You can use your arms freely because your legs control your opponent (like in mount)
  • You’re behind your opponent instead of in front of him (better than mount)

So what’s the best position in BJJ?

The best position in BJJ is belly down back mount. And after that it’s mount, and then normal back control. Or you can flip those last 2 around, I don’t care (but you’re disagreeing with Roger Gracie, so be cautious).

The only reason we don’t belly down back mount as much as we should is that it’s not super easy to get to. But nothing is easy to get to, so we should stop the excuses and start using the best position in BJJ a lot more.

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