Shogun Tao BJJ Gi

Product Specs

Weight450 gsm
(medium weight)
Available sizesA0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
Available colorsWhite, Blue, Black,
Material100% cotton
Belt includedNo
IBJJF legalNo

About this gi

The Shogun Tao gi is an absolutely beautiful gi.

It has a yin yang inspired design on the inside of the jacket, while the ouside of the jacket looks pretty classic.

Yin yang stands for a balance between opposing forces: light and darkness, attack and defense, youth and experience, order and chaos, relaxation and strength.

I absolutely love the yin yang symbol for martial arts. It’s so applicable to what we have to learn in BJJ.

And it’s a nice ritual to remind yourself of all these forces when you put on this gi.

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