Fuji BJJ Uniform

Product Specs

Weight550 gsm / 3.52 lbs
(medium weight)
Available sizesA0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
Available colorsWhite, Black,
Purple, Pink
Material100% cotton
Belt includedNo
IBJJF legalYes

About this gi

The Fuji BJJ Uniform is a good BJJ gi for beginners and intermediate players.

It’s on the heavier side (550 gsm compared to the standard 450 gsm). That’s because Fuji is originally a Judo brand, and they like their gis a little thicker.

This means that this gi is very durable.

It has a classic design and comes in the classic white and black colors, but also in purple and pink. It’s also IBJJF legal for competitions.

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