How Often Should I Train BJJ? Once, 3 Times, or More?

How often should you train BJJ? It depends on your goals and lifestyle. In this article I explain how often you should train BJJ to achieve which goals in what timeframe.

How often should I train BJJ?

How many days a week should you train BJJ?

It’s most common for people to train BJJ 3 days a week. This amount allows for rapid progress and is achievable for most people. But, the proper amount of BJJ training depends on your goals and your lifestyle.


How often you should train BJJ depends strongly on what you can get away with in your lifestyle.

If you have a very demanding job or family situation, maybe you can only train less.

Or if you do another sport next to BJJ, maybe you need to train less so that you can recover.

All of these are legitimate reasons why you should train BJJ less than the average person.


How often you should train BJJ also depends strongly on your goals.

If you do BJJ mostly to have fun, meet people and get in shape, you don’t need to train 3 times per week. You can get away with training just twice or even once a week.

If you train BJJ for self defense, you can train once a week for a year and still smash anyone that attacks you if they’re untrained.

But if you want to compete or just get better very quickly, you have to train more. 

Most competitors train BJJ at least 4 or 5 times per week, so if you train less, they’re going to beat you.

So find out what your goals are, and determine how often you should train BJJ based on that.

How often should a beginner train BJJ?

My advice to BJJ beginners is to train no more than 3 times a week.

When you are a beginner, your body is still getting used to the movements and it is still adapting to the new demands you put on it,

The important thing for a beginner is to be patient and to listen to the body.

When you don’t listen to your body, you risk injury and becoming demotivated.

If you are training too often, you will not be able to focus on learning the techniques and you will be exhausted and not able to train to your full potential.

Is training BJJ once a week enough?

I often get the question: is training BJJ once a week enough?

And the answer is that it comes back to your goals.

If your goal is to just have fun and hang out with some friends, then sure, training once a week is enough.


If your goal is to become good at BJJ, then you need to train more often.


Because BJJ is a hard sport and you need to spend enough time in the gym to practice the skills that you are trying to learn.

That being said at training once a week is still infinitely better than not training at all.

So if you can’t train more than once a week right now don’t panic, just start with what you can do now and see if you can increase your training amount later.

Train BJJ twice a week

Training BJJ twice a week is literally twice as good as training once a week.

In fact I think it’s more than twice as good. Because you remember the techniques more than twice as well as if you only train once a week.

However I think training BJJ twice a week still isn’t enough if you want to compete.

The reason for this is that your opponent might very well be training 4 times a week which again is literally twice as much.

Twice as much is such an insurmountable big difference that you practically don’t stand a chance.

Train BJJ 3 times a week

Most people come down to BJJ training 3 times per week. It seems to be a number that is combinable with most people’s lifestyles.

Training BJJ 3 times per week allows for a lot of progress and also for building friendships and relationships at the gym.

Also, rest days are very important for recovery, and training BJJ 3 times a week is the most that you can do while still taking a rest day in between every 2 training sessions (technically you can train 3.5 times a week for this, but you get my point).

Train BJJ 4 times a week

If you train BJJ 4 times a week you can definitely start thinking about doing competitions.

4 times per week means that you can take a rest day in between training every time except once per week. so it’s still achievable for most people physically.

If you train BJJ for dance per week you can definitely expect to get better very quickly and you can expect how long it takes to get each belt to be shorter for you than for most other people at your gym.

Train BJJ 5 times a week

Training Brazilian jiu jitsu 5 times per week is very tough on your body as it implies that you train at least 3 days in a row once per week, and another 2 times in a row once per week.

By far most BJJ practitioners train less than 5 times per week for this reason.

People that you see training 5 times per week or almost certainly tough competitors.

Can I train BJJ everyday?

Yes you can train BJJ everyday.

But you probably can’t train as hard if you train everyday as if you took some time for recovery.

So there is a bit of a trade off here: do you want to train as much as possible or do you want to make sure that you are completely rested before every training session? 

Personally I prioritise training jiu jitsu more rather than always being fully rested for every training session.

This means that sometimes I’m tired but this just means that I have to rely more on technique rather than explosive strength so I don’t mind this too much.

I know there’s some people that avoid coming to training tired because they hate losing. 

But to me that’s missing the point of training a little bit.

That being said, know your limits. Don’t get injured by training too much.

How to train bjj twice a day

I personally train BJJ twice a day quite often. But I don’t do 2 hard training sessions.

I often drill techniques and do positional sparring in the morning and then do normal training in the evening.

In the morning session I focus on figuring things out. So during positional sparring I’m not trying to win, I’m trying to find problems that occur often during sparring and then I try to brainstorm solutions to them.

When I have drilled in the morning I notice that my strength and cardio are lacking a little bit in the evening which makes my performance worse.

But this effect is overpowered by the fact that I usually have new techniques that I worked on that morning that I’m able to hit during sparring.

So for me I feel like I improve more than twice as fast if I train twice a day instead of just once.

Honestly I feel like I improved them times faster if I train BJJ twice a day instead of once. 

It just gets me into such a focused state during sparring where I can try new techniques that I have identified to be very relevant to the problems I face in sparring.

Final thought on how often you should train BJJ

In the end, how often you should train BJJ depends on your goals and what you can get away with in your life.

The utmost important thing to remember is that the more you train, the better you get. 

But training BJJ once a week still beats training BJJ 0 times a week. 

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