Craig Jones Net Worth: How Rich Is BJJ’s #2?

Craig Jones is one of the most successful competitors in BJJ and grappling. He rose to fame after his breakout performance at ADCC in 2017 where he submitted Leandro Lo with a rear naked choke. As of 2021, Craig Jones BJJ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Full NameCraig Jones
Birth DateJuly 17, 1991
Birth PlaceAdelaide, Australia
ProfessionProfessional BJJ athlete
GirlfriendGabi Garcia
Biggest income sourceHis instructionals on BJJ Fanatics
Net worth$10 million

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Early life and family

Craig Jones was born in Adelaide, Australia on July 17, 1991. He started training BJJ in Adelaide before moving to Melbourne, where he trained at Absolute MMA under Lachlan Giles. This is also where he eventually earned his black belt from Lachlan Giles

Craig Jones BJJ Career

Craig Jones broke out as an elite BJJ athlete at ADCC 2017, and continued his competition success in the years after. He won many matches with the inside heel hook, and became known as a leg lock specialist. Despite winning many matches, Craig Jones has yet to win a gold medal at a major tournament like the IBJJF World Championships or ADCC.

The early success of Craig Jones came while training with Lachlan Giles in Melbourne Australia. But, Craig felt that to get to the next level, he needed to train with the best grapplers alive. Therefore, he moved to New York and joined the Danaher Death Squad (DDS).

At the DDS, he trained daily with Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon under the coaching of John Danaher. This boosted his improvement, and Craig Jones is now clearly a contender to win ADCC in 2022. 

Shortly after the DDS moved to Puerto Rico, they broke up. Craig Jones founded B-Team jiu jitsu where he now trains with Nicky Ryan and Nicky Rod in Austin Texas.

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Craig Jones

Craig Jones instructional income

Craig Jones doesn’t publish his income statements and net worth online, but we can estimate it from other figures we know.

The first important data point is Gordon Ryan’s net worth, which we know because he always shares screenshots of his income on InstaGram. Gordon Ryan makes about 1.5 million dollar per month from his instructionals.

I also know relatively how interested people are in Craig Jones’ instructionals compared to those of Gordon Ryan. From my website analytics data, I can see that interest in Gordon’s instructionals is about 2.5 times higher than for Craig’s instructionals. That ratio is also backed up by how many reviews both their BJJ instructionals have on BJJ Fanatics.

Moreover, Gordon has twice as many instructionals in total.

So we can estimate that Craig Jones’ income from instructionals is about 20% of what Gordon gets, because he has half the amount of instructionals and 40% of the engagement per instructional. That puts Craig Jones’ income form BJJ Fanatics at $300,000 per month.

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Craig Jones net worth

Craig Jones probably makes most of his money from instructionals. But he also makes money from his merchandise and t-shirts (Mexican Ground Karate, plan B, etc.), the B-team gym and sponsorship deals. The size of these additional income streams are harder to estimate exactly. My best guess is that Craig Jones’ net worth is around $10 million.

Craig Jones and Gabi Garcia

Craig Jones’ girlfriend is Gabi Garcia. They have a polygomous relationship, as Gabi is allowed to date other men, and Craig Jones is also allowed to date other men. Gabi and Craig have stated publicly that they don’t want kids right now, because they don’t want to put Craig through the pregnancy at this point of his career.

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