Best BJJ Mouthguard 🦷 Top 7 Safe Mouthguards!

SISU MAX Mouthguard 2.4mm

I use the SISU Max Mouthguard and it’s by far the best BJJ mouthguard I’ve ever had. I can breath, drink and talk normally while I wear it (that’s amazing!) and it protects my teeth better than old school mouthguards. It’s also easy to fit and reshape if necessary. SISU is my brand BJJ mouthguard from now on!
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The best BJJ mouthguard is hard to find because it needs to be both comfortable and safe. Most mouthguards I’ve had either didn’t protect me enough, or hindered my breathing and talking. But, I am confident that I now finally own the best mouthguard for BJJ. Check out my list to find out which it is (and which other mouthguards are good for BJJ)!

1. SISU Max Mouthguard 2.4mm

  • Best protection
  • Doesn’t hinder talking, breathing or drinking!
  • Easy to shape and reshape up to 20 times

best mouth guard for BJJThe SISU Max Mouthguard is by far the best BJJ mouthguard I ever had.

I can talk while wearing it, without using my tongue to keep the mouthguard in place, or worrying that it will fall out if I open my mouth to wide. I’ve never had that with other, thicker mouthguards.

The Sisu Mouthguard is also easier to shape than the thicker mouthguards because you can actually see where it surrounds your teeth much better. The other, thicker mouthguards, usually are more solid on the outside and you only shape the inside, but therefore you can’t see whether it fits while you’re shaping it. And the Sisu mouthguard is also easier to reshape if you mess it up the first time (you can reshape it up to 20 times).

Sisu mouthguards come in two levels of thickness: 1.6mm and 2.4mm. Since BJJ is a contact sport you want to go with the 2.4mm which gives a little extra protection. This one is still much thinner than most other mouthguards, but according to SISU it actually offers more protection that thicker mouthguards because of better force distribution (and in my experience this is true).


2. SISU Aero Mouthguard 1.6mm

  • Thinnest full mouthguard

SISU custom sports mouthguardIf you want to prioritize comfort above all else, you can get the SISU Aero mouthguard. With 1.6mm it’s the thinnest mouthguard on the market.

SISUrecommends its Aero mouthguard for team sports, and its Max mouthguard for contact sports. So to be safe, I got SISU’s Max mouthguard.

But, to be honest, I think the impact on the teeth in BJJ is much lower than in boxing and MMA. In fact, I think it’s lower than in ice hockey and lacrosse, which are sports for which SISU recommends the Aero mouthguard. So I think SISU lumps in BJJ with the other combat sports, but we might in fact be sufficiently protected by the 1.6mm Aero mouthguard. (But I can’t speak from experience, so beware!)


3. SISU GO Minimalist Mouthguard

  • Partial mouthguard
  • Protect yourself during drills
  • You won’t know you’re wearing it

The SISU GO Minimalist mouthguard is a great extra mouthguard for during drilling and techniques. It’s a partial mouthguard that only covers your front teeth from canine to canine. SISU recommends it for sports that don’t require a mouthguard but that still have impact, such as soccer and volleyball.

I really like the SISU GO, because I never used to wear my normal mouthguards during drilling and techniques, just because they make me talk with a lisp. Yet, I’ve definitely caught some unintentional elbows and knees to my teeth during drills!

The SISU GO mouthpiece is so minimalist that you don’t notice that you’re wearing it, and it still protects the most vulnerable part of your teeth. So it’s just common sense to get it.


4. Venum challenger mouthguard

  • Hard rubber outside
  • Gel inside

Venum martial arts mouthguardThe Venum Challenger mouthguard was the first mouthguard I got that I was content with. It’s a classic mouthguard with a rubber outside and gel inside, that you boil and use to fit to your teeth.

Like I mentioned above, I now prefer the SISU mouthguards over the classic style of mouthguards. Because even though the Venum Challenger fit me reasonably well, it still inhibits breathing quite a bit, because you can’t open your mouth very widely without worrying that it might fall out.

But if you’re going to get a classic mouthguard, the Venum challenger is good value for its price.


5. Sanabul single boil MOUTHGUARD

  • Cheapest BJJ mouthguard available

Sanabul cheap BJJ mouthguardI’m just mentioning the Sanabul single boil mouthguard because it’s the cheapest BJJ mouthguard I ever had, and it’s fine. It doesn’t fit as well as the best BJJ mouthguards, but it does the job.

To me, the slightly lower price would never be a reason to just get the cheapest mouthguard, especially because the best BJJ mouthguard in this list is still very affordable. And in the end you want good protection for your teeth.

But, I can’t look in your wallet. And if you’re really price conscious, the Sanabul is still a decent BJJ mouthguard.


6. Shock Doctor Gel Max

  • Amazon Best Seller
  • Flavored!
  • Best mouthguard for kids

Shock Doctor best kid's mouthguard BJJThe shock doctor Gel Max is the best selling mouthguard on Amazon. This is because:

  1. It’s a good quality mouth guard
  2. It looks better than most mouthguards
  3. It’s the only flavored mouthguard (optional)

I have a hunch that the combination of bright colors and candy flavor is particularly appealing to kids (although I don’t blame you if you’re into candy flavor too!). And I think this is also why it’s the Amazon best seller: kids play a lot of sports.

So in general I think you’ll get a comparable mouthguard at a slightly lower price if you get the Venum Challenger. The only upside of the Shock Doctor for adults is that it does still look better than most other mouthguards.


7. OPRO Power-Fit mouthguard

  • Great design
  • Partner of the UFC, USA Wrestling, and more

OPRO cool looking mouthguardThe OPRO Power-Fit mouthguard is also very popular. This is probably mostly because of its design and OPRO’s partnerships with the UFC, USA Wrestling and many other high profile sports organizations.

In terms of the upside for adult BJJ players, it’s similar to the Shock Doctor. The OPRO Power-Fit looks great, and is very recognizable because of its partnerships. But, you can probably get a mouthguard of comparable quality for cheaper (it just won’t look as nice).


Conclusion: What’s the Best Mouthguard for BJJ?

Overall I think the best mouthguard for BJJ is by far the SISU Max Mouthguard. It’s lighter than most other mouthguards and protects your teeth better, and it fits way tighter so that you can talk and breathe normally while wearing it.

If you want to take a chance with an even lighter and more comfortable mouthguard, you can take the SISU Aero mouthguard (which is not officially recommended for full contact martial arts).

And you can take the SISU GO Minimalist mouthguard as an extra mouthguard for during techniques and drilling.

If you somehow don’t want a SISU mouthguard, the next best mouthguard for BJJ is the Venum Challenger.

Frequently asked questions about BJJ mouthguards

Should I wear a mouthguard in BJJ?

Yes! BJJ is a full contact sport and you’re likely to receive accidental blows by elbows, knees, and feet, so you’ll be much safer if you wear a mouthguard.

That’s not to say that you can’t train BJJ without a mouth guard though. I didn’t use any dental guard for about two years while I trained jiu jitsu, and I have a few small chips in my front teeth to show for it, but nothing serious. (I was lucky though.)

Are boil and bite mouthguards good?

Yes! Boil and bite mouthguards are great for BJJ, especially the new generation of them that I mention in this post. Don’t get a ‘one-size-fits-all’ preshaped mouthguard because one size doesn’t fit all! And you can’t train properly with a badly shaped mouth guard, because it inhibits your breathing and takes your focus away from training.

Are custom mouthguards worth it?

Custom mouth guards tend not to be worth it if you’re doing BJJ. The only people I know that have a custom mouthguard for BJJ are people who’s aunt or uncle is a dentist and gave it to them for cheap.

Fortunately, the non-custom mouthguards I mention in this article are great, and these are what 99% of grapplers use.

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