André Galvão MMA Deal: André To Fight For ONE Championship

André Galvão mma

André Galvão signed a deal with ONE Championship for multiple MMA fights. This will constitute his return to MMA. The BJJ community will wait in anticipation to see if André Galvão can employ his grappling experience in an MMA match.

André Galvão signs with ONE Championship

André Galvão announced on November 9th, 2021 that he signed a deal with ONE Championship for multiple MMA matches. The announcement says he’ll compete both in submission grappling and in MMA, but his own comment on Instagram suggests that he’s mostly going to compete in MMA:

It’s not entirely clear why André Galvão is turning to MMA after being largely retired from BJJ. Some suspect that André Galvão’s net worth is running low and he’s mostly going to MMA to earn more money than in BJJ.

André Galvão MMA Experience

For those that forgot, this won’t be the first time that André Galvão tries his hands at MMA. He already has a record of 5 wins and 2 losses from fights he had between 2008 and 2011. And one of those losses was by KO to the legendary Tyron Woodley.

André Galvão MMA Future

We’re extremely excited to see what André Galvão can do with his vast grappling experience in an MMA match. There’s also already been some chatter that he could fight Garry Tonon, who also fights for One Championship.

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