Paddy The Baddy BJJ Black Belt | Is He Good?

Paddy the Baddy Pimblett is a popular UFC fighter from Liverpool UK. He’s an allround fighter with a specialty in grappling and Brazilian jiu jitsu. In this article I tell you everything you need to know about Paddy the Baddy BJJ black belt and UFC fighter.

Full namePaddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett
Height1.78 m
BJJ Belt LevelBlack belt
TeamNext Gen
CityLiverpool, England

What BJJ belt is Paddy The Baddy?

Paddy the Baddy is a black belt in BJJ. He was promoted to black belt after 12 years of training Brazilian jiu jitsu in December 2021. You can watch his promotion to first degree black belt (which comes after the normal blac belt in the BJJ belt system) in the video below.

Is Paddy The Baddy Good At Jiu Jitsu?

Yes, Paddy the Baddy is good at jiu jitsu. He’s not only a BJJ black belt, he also applies his jiu jitsu very well in MMA. As you can see in the highlight video below, he finishes submissions frequently, including several flying triangles (watch the first 2 clips).

Why Is Paddy The Baddy So Popular?

Paddy the Baddy is so popular because of his excentric personality and fighting style. He draws attention with his charisma, confidence, crazy hair cut and thick Liverpool accent, and he backs up his trash talk with good performances in the UFC. Many people expect him to become ‘the next Conor McGregor’.

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