João Miyao BJJ Fighter Profile | 7 Secret to His Success

João Miyao is  one of the legendary Miyao brothers. He is a master of the berimbolo. He is also known for his ultra-submission style. In this article we tell you who João Miyao is, what his favorite technique is and what he did for BJJ.

João Miyao BJJ fighter

João Miyao BJJ fighter

Age: 30 (born in 2021)

Weight: featherweight

Net worth: unknown

João Miyao has been training since the age of seven in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He started under the guidance of professors Eduardo de Lima, together with his brother Paulo Miyao. 

He is a many time BJJ world champion in both the gi and in no gi. Miyao has competed in all major IBJJF tournaments.

Favorite techniques

João Miyao is best known for the Berimbolo. He and his brother popularized this move more than anyone else by destroying competitions with it for years.

He combines the Berimbolo with toeholds and a strong passing game from the leg drag position. His combination of attacks makes it hard to stop.


João Miyao has BJJ instructionals available. In most of these instructionals he teaches together with his brother. The focus of the instructionals are the techniques that João Miyao excels at.

The Berimbolo and Beyond

The Berimbolo and Beyond with the Miyao Brothers is a 4 DVD instructional series. The series covers the Berimbolo in detail. It also covers the De la Riva guard, the back attack and the transition game.

The Berimbolo and Beyond with the Miyao Brothers is available at BJJ Fanatics.

YouTube instructional videos

João Miyao also has a lot of technique instructional videos available on YouTube. He often teaches techniques off the Berimbolo. For example, in the video below he teaches the Ninja armlock from the Berimbolo.

João Miyao Famous Matches

João Miyao competed against all the big names in Brazilian jiu jitsu. He usually won these matches. Below you can watch some matches that are available for free on Youtube, against Pedro Arruda, Mikey Musumeci, Nicky Ryan, Rafael Mendes and Caio Terra.

What makes João Miyao so successful in BJJ?

There are many factors that contribute to the success of João Miyao in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Some of his most important traits are:

Pain tolerance: João Miyao doesn’t tap to leg locks. He demonstrated this many times in his competition matches. He’ll let his foot break off before he taps. This isn’t great for longevity, but it wins tournaments.

Leverage: The most important factor in jiu jitsu is leverage. And João Miyao knows how to use leverage to his advantage against larger, stronger opponents.

Fluidity: João Miyao is so smooth. His hips are so fluid, they move in ways no one can predict or defend.

Flexibility: João Miyao is very flexible. This allows him to escape from positions that no one else can escape from, in particular from toeholds and knee bars. It also gives him a nearly impassable guard.

Offense: Joao Miyao is always on the attack. He’s never on the defense. This keeps his opponents on their toes and always looking for ways to counter attack.

Confidence: João Miyao knows he’s good at BJJ. He has the confidence that comes from being a world champion. He won’t hesitate to pull the trigger on his techniques because of this.

His style: João Miyao has a unique style of fighting. He’s not a traditional jiu jitsu fighter at all. He was doing the Berimbolo before people even knew what it was.

His brother: he has a truly special with his brother Paulo Miyao, who is also a world class BJJ competitor. They help each other so much, and know each other’s game so well that they can coach each other very well.

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