Has Gordon Ryan ever Lost? 5 times he lost, 1 submission

Gordon Ryan is arguably the best grappler of all time, and with his recent winning steak many people wonder: has Gordon Ryan ever lost?

The answer is yes. Five times, actually. Let me take you through the losing record of one of the world’s greatest athletes.

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1. Gordon Ryan’s last loss: Vinny Magalhaes at ACB JJ 13 (2018)

Gordon Ryan lost on points to Vinny Magalhaes, who used to be known for his incredible leg lock defense (until Craig Jones completely destroyed his leg).

This is Gordon Ryan’s last loss on his record. Since then he’s been undefeated for 48 fights (with 2 draws and 46 wins).

2. Felipe Pena ADCC 2017

Felipe Pena countered Gordon’s leg lock entry with a beautiful backtake. This time he couldn’t submit him (like he did last time), but he won on points.

Of course Gordon has since scored a win over Felipe Pena too in 2022. That makes the record 2 wins for Pena, 1 win for Ryan.

3. Leandro Lo ADCC West coast trials 2017

Gordon lost on points to Leandro Lo. Very impressive win by Leandro.

4. Did Gordon Ryan ever get submitted? Yes.

Yes, Gordon Ryan got submitted by Felipe Pena with a rear naked choke at studio 540 superfight 2015. This happened after Gordon attacked Pena’s legs and Pena countered him with a backtake.

This is the only submission loss on Gordon Ryan’s record.

5. Aaron Johnson, Pans 2014

An early loss in Gordon Ryan’s career was against Aaron Johnson. Aaron didn’t know it yet, but he’d become one of the only people to ever beat Gordon Ryan. He earned his bragging rights when it was still relatively easy.

6. Craig Jones, EBI 2019

I’ll throw this one in as a bonus.

Craig Jones broke Gordon Ryan’s arm with an arm bar at EBI in 2019. BUT, Gordon didn’t tap, and continued to choke Craig Jones later in the match.

So it’s not a loss, but this is the closest that anyone came to submitting Gordon Ryan in a long time!

You can watch this epic match between titans in the video below.

Are these all Gordon Ryan’s losses?

I’m honestly not sure. These are all the losses on this record.

But I’m pretty sure he lost at least once more at EBI in the semi finals, because I remember that Garry Tonon avenged his loss in the final of that event.

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