BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club Review (2023)

BJJ requires time, focus and dedication to master. If you’re looking for a structured approach to BJJ training, you may have heard of the BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club. In this review, we will take a closer look at what the BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club is, its benefits, pricing, and our opinion on whether it’s worth the investment.

What is the BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club?

The BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club is a subscription to help BJJ practitioners improve their skills. The club hosts best BJJ instructors who focus on teaching one specific skill per month. The monthly skills cover a range of topics, including takedowns, guard passing, submissions, and more. The Club’s approach to training is aimed at helping members become well-rounded BJJ practitioners.

Benefits of the BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club

The BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club offers several benefits to its members. Here are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Private Lessons (Masterclasses): Members get access to Masterclasses, where instructors answer questions while showing the moves. This is an excellent opportunity for members to get personalized feedback and learn from the best BJJ instructors in the world.
  • Homework drills: accompanying the private lessons, there are drills to help you solidify the moves you’ve learned. This is an excellent way to practice the techniques and keep them fresh in your mind.
  • Rolling breakdowns: The Club also provides Rolling Breakdowns, in which the instructors discuss rolling footage in a class format. These breakdowns help members understand the practical application of the techniques they’ve learned. And as a member you can submit your own rooling footage.
  • Daily deals on BJJ gear and merchandise: Members get access to exclusive daily deals on BJJ gear and merchandise, which can help them save money on essential training gear.
  • Sneak peek on product launches: Members get an early look at the BJJ Fanatics’ schedule for product launches and daily deals of instructionals. This can translate into significant savings for members who want to add more instructional to their BJJ library.
  • Discount code for the whole BJJ Fanatics website: Members receive a $10 discount code that can be applied to the entire BJJ Fanatics website, allowing them to save on other instructional videos they may be interested in purchasing. This offsets the cost of your first month of subcscription.


The BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club offers two subscription options: a monthly plan for $10 per month or an annual plan for $97 per year. The annual plan offers a significant discount compared to the monthly plan, and it’s an excellent value for those who plan on committing to a full year of BJJ training.

Our opinion

The idea of focused training for a year is undoubtedly appealing, and the BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club offers a lot of benefits for its members. However, there’s a lack of transparency regarding what members can expect when they sign up for the Club. It would be helpful to know which instructors will be teaching which skills, how many students you share the classes with, and which skills are taught in which month.

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What we would improve

To really make the Insiders Club worth it, we want more features added:

  • Insider Only Daily Deals: this would go a long way to justify the subscription price, and would be a nice way to reward long term customers. (And I mean Daily Deals on instructionals of course, not on merchandise, which is what they have now.)
  • Access to instructionals for 1 month: why not make it so that if the focus of the month is half guard, you get access to Danaher’s half guard instructional for that month only? That would motivate people to study the instructional within that month, instead of postponing it.
  • Publish the schedule: at the very least, publish which skill is focused on each month, so people can choose when they want to join.

Is the Insiders Club worth it?

The BJJ Fanatics Insiders Club might be an good option for some people who want a structured approach to BJJ training, especially because it’s at such a low price point. However, we believe that it would benefit from a more transparent approach that would allow members to know what they can expect. If the Club could integrate more features, such as exclusive daily deals on instructionals for members only and access to instructionals for the month, it would undoubtedly be worth the investment.

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