The 3 Best BJJ affiliate programs (Mine included)

Are you looking for BJJ affiliate programs?

So am I!

I’m also a BJJ site owner, and I’m always looking for the best products to refer my audience to.

Let me show you the best BJJ affiliate programs I’ve found so far.

1. Blue belt in 1 day Affiliate Program

Blue Belt in 1 Day is my course and I’m currently accepting affiliates. Do you want to promote the best beginner course in Brazilian jiu jitsu? Please let me know! You can reach me via email at max at

About the affiliate program: Let’s discuss the details through email, but this is definitely the BJJ affiliate program with the highest commissions.

2. BJJ Fanatics Affiliate Program

BJJ Fanatics is the biggest online market place for jiu jitsu instructionals. They offer a basic affiliate program through Shareasale. You earn a commission for any customer that buys an instructional through your link.

Here’s how you sign up for the BJJ Fanatics affiliate program:

  1. Create an account on Shareasale
  2. Apply for the BJJ Fanatics affiliate program
  3. Get links with a referral code, refer people and earn commissions

3. Origin affiliate program

Origin is the leading BJJ gi brand in the US. They offer an affiliate program that you can join if you have a following in the jiu jitsu community. I believe they mostly sponsor athletes with this program, but I’m also in it.

4. Amazon Associates program

Amazon associates is also a good affiliate program to join if you want to promote BJJ gis, mouthguards or other physical apparel. Their commission rates aren’t great, but they have wide brand recognition. And you can find any physical product you might want to promote on Amazon (dummy’s, finger tape, jiu jitsu mats, etc.).

5. Ezoic

If you’re looking for BJJ affiliate programs, you probably want to monetize your BJJ blog or website. Another way you can do that is with Ezoic ads.

Ezoic is a premium ad network that you can use to make money by displaying ads on your BJJ website. It’s premium (it pays better than Adsense) but there’s no minimum traffic requirement. If you look around in the BJJ space, you’ll see that a lot of BJJ websites are on Ezoic.

Sign up for Ezoic here

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