You can use the resources on this page to help you get better at BJJ quicker in various ways:

  • There’s 3 belt progression calculators (simple, intermediate and advanced) to help you understand how close you are to the blue belt.
  • There’s 3 resources to help you choose which BJJ gi fits you best (model, size, for you wishes).
  • There’s 1 submission checklist that you can print to keep up with your progress

How long until you are a blue belt? (Calculator)

Blue belt progression calculator

Calculate how close you are to the blue belt based on your knowledge of the techniques below.

Download the BJJ belt progression calculator

Get the BJJ belt calculation spreadsheet to:

  • Calculate a percentage value of how close you are to the blue belt (based on your knowledge of submissions, guards, passes and escapes)
  • Create an accurate overview of your current BJJ knowledge
  • Find out what you need to work on to move closer to your BJJ blue belt

Get the Submissions checklist (Printable)

Find your perfect BJJ gi

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GI Size Calculator

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