You can use the resources on this page to help you get better at BJJ quicker in various ways:

  • There’s 3 belt progression calculators (simple, intermediate and advanced) to help you understand how close you are to the blue belt.
  • There’s 3 resources to help you choose which BJJ gi fits you best (model, size, for you wishes).
  • There’s 1 submission checklist that you can print to keep up with your progress

How long until you are a blue belt? (Calculator)

Blue belt progression calculator

Calculate how close you are to the blue belt based on your knowledge of the techniques below.

Which BJJ Gi Should I Buy?

Let me recommend you a gi based on your answers to 3 questions.

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My top picks for: Beginner gis | Premium gis | Gi brands | Cheap gis | Lightweight gis | Gis for skinny guys | Gis for big guys | Durable gis

GI Size Calculator

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