Top 5 Best Garry Tonon Instructionals: The Art of Chaos

Garry Tonon, one of the most innovative and talented grapplers in the world, has revolutionized grappling with his dynamic, creative, and technical approach to the sport. Known for his relentless pursuit of submission victories, Tonon’s unique style has captured the attention of both practitioners and fans alike. In this article, we will explore the most popular Garry Tonon instructionals, to discover how he can help you become a grappling phenom.

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7 Habits for Highly Successful Grapplers

Who is Garry Tonon?

Garry Tonon is veteran grappling competitor under John Danaher. He became famous after his exciting victories at the Eddie Bravo Invitation tournaments. Now, he represents jiu jitsu in the One FC MMA championship, where he has submitted multiple opponents with heel hooks.

What is Garry Tonon Known For?

Garry Tonon is best known for his expertise in leg locks and his aggressive, submission-oriented grappling style. Moreover, he’s known for his incredible submission defense, often escaping from deep submission holds during tournament matches. His power lies in scrambles, chaotic submission shootouts and high paced exciting exchanges.

Garry Tonon’s Teaching Style

Garry Tonon’s teaching style is detail oriented, as you’d expect from a high level black belt under Danaher. He’s usually shorter and more to the point in his explanations than Danaher, which is why some people jokingly say that he’s a ‘summary of Danaher’s material’. Additionally, Garry Tonon likes to keep it light and crack jokes during his demonstrations, making the learning experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Top 5 best Garry Tonon instructionals

  1. Habits For Highly Effective Jiu-Jitsu by Garry Tonon – In this instructional, Garry Tonon shares his tips and strategies for developing good habits in training and competition to improve performance in jiu-jitsu.
  2. Exit The System by Garry Tonon – In this instructional, Garry Tonon shares his knowledge on how to escape and submit from various positions and situations in grappling.
  3. Breaking Legs and Breaking Hearts by Garry Tonon – In this instructional, Garry Tonon teaches his approach to leg locks and shows how to set up and finish various submissions from the legs.
  4. Unifying The Systems: Navigating Between The DDS Submissions Systems by Garry Tonon – In this instructional, Garry Tonon shares his techniques for blending different grappling systems and shows how to transition between them seamlessly.
  5. Shoot To Kill: Wrestle, Scramble, Submit by Garry Tonon – In this instructional, Garry Tonon teaches his approach to wrestling and scrambling and shows how to use them to dominate opponents on the mat.

My review of Garry Tonon instructionals

I thought Garry Tonon’s instructional videos were fantastic. In particular, I loved the “Habits For Highly Effective Jiu-Jitsu” instructional. It completely transformed my progress in wrestling and takedowns, as it provided great insights on how to take advantage of your opponent’s bad habits and repetitive behaviors.

However, I found some parts of the “Shoot To Kill” DVD to be quite challenging, especially the standing granbys. Nonetheless, I appreciated the knowledge and skill that Garry displayed in the video, and I definitely learned a lot.

I also enjoyed “Breaking Legs and Breaking Hearts“, which covers the system of the Danaher Death Squad in a succinct manner. I found it to be very informative and a great resource for improving my leg lock game.

Lastly, the “Exit The System” instructional was excellent as well. Garry’s knowledge of grappling and submission techniques was clearly demonstrated, and I felt like I learned a lot about escapes from various positions. Overall, I highly recommend Garry Tonon’s instructional videos to anyone looking to improve their grappling skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Garry Tonon train?

Garry Tonon trains jiu jitsu with John Danaher and Gordon Ryan in the New Wave gym in Austin, Texas.

Are Garry Tonon’s instructionals suitable for beginners?

Yes, Garry Tonon’s instructionals are suitable for practitioners of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced grapplers. His teaching style is accessible and informative, and he breaks down complex techniques into easy-to-understand steps. Additionally, his focus on principles and concepts can help beginners develop a strong foundation in BJJ.

Where can I purchase Garry Tonon’s instructionals?

Garry Tonon’s instructionals are available for purchase through various online platforms, such as BJJ Fanatics and Digitsu.

How long are Garry Tonon’s instructionals?

The length of Garry Tonon’s instructionals varies depending on the topic and the amount of material covered. Most of his instructionals are multi-volume sets, with each volume running between 1-2 hours.

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