3 Ways BJJ can Kill (Better than any other martial art)

Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) is an incredibly powerful ‘gentle art’. It can be used for self defense and should never be used for offense. In a life and death situation, BJJ can kill men more quickly and efficiently than any other martial art. Here’s how.

1. Strangles

BJJ has by far the best strangles of any martial art. It has the best technique for the most common strangles (rear naked choke and guillotine), the most other kinds of strangles (d’arce, anaconda, head and arm choke, etc.) and a whole collection of gi chokes (cross collar, baseball, bow and arrow, etc.).

Strangles are obviously lethal if you hold them long enough. They’re the most efficient and least risky lethal technique. It’s how lions kill their prey.

2. Slams

Slamming someone on their head on the street is potentially the quickest way to kill without weapons. But, this method is unreliable.

BJJ has a rudimentary takedown game that you can use to pick someone up and slam them on their head. To be fair, BJJ isn’t the best martial art if you want to learn this, because it focuses on low risk, low amplitude throws. Certain styles of wrestling focus on big throws and would thus be better hoe this.

3. Quick takedown + soccer kicks + stomps

The last way BJJ can kill is to do a quick takedown where your opponent falls to the floor but you stay standing. From there you have the option to kick your opponent while he’s on the ground.

This strategy uses the strongest strike possible with the human body: the soccer kick. It’s at least 10 times stronger than a standing head kick and even an untrained person can kick much harder than Mike Tyson can punch.

Never use BJJ to Kill

Of course, the three strategies above are not the ‘gentle way’.

The whole idea of BJJ is that you can neutralize your opponent while causing as little damage as possible.

However, in life or death situations, these strategies are what you have available to you if you do BJJ.

And I’d hate for you to choose another martial art under the false assumption that they have a greater ability to kill.

I hope that you can visualize and understand that all 3 strategies above are quicker, easier, less risky and more powerful ways to kill than any strategy by any other martial art.

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